Kobe Bryant Gets the Praise he Deserves at Last  All-Star Game

The occasion was memorable in the strictest sense of the term. As Kobe Bryrant made his appearance, the crowd went crazy. Chanting Ko-be! Ko-be! Ko-be! All the way, it was as if they all would miss the legend from now on.

The scene was the Air Canada Centre this Sunday. This was Kobe Bryant’s  last appearance in court, and the crowd did not like it for sure. They had always wished to see him rule the court, for ever. But then, the time had come for Kobe to bid adieu.

As laurels and praise were heaped on him. Byrant stood calmly with his hands in the pockets of his warm-up suit. It was then Lakers legend Magic Johnson stepped in and showered his admiration on Bryant’s chequered career. As a tribute video featuring Bryant’s highlights played in the background, fans knew this would be his last match.

Praise and goodbye messages streamed in. While Indiana Pacers forward Paul George told Byrant, “You’ve been an unbelievable mentor to me”, Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond thanked Kobe for everything he had done for the league, adding “[You’re] the reason I play so hard.” Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul added: “The game is going to miss you.” Johnson then declared that there will never be another Kobe Bryant.

As the Ko-be! Ko-be! Ko-be chants filled the air, Bryant walked up to Johnson, hugged him, and started talking. He said: I just want to, uh, want to thank you for all your support for all these years. Kobe Byrant, the 37-year-old star added that he had been fortunate to play the game that he loves for more than half his life.

As Jordan put it, Kobe Byrant has brought a lot of joy to the match. Every bit of praise, he indeed deserves.