2018 will be the year of virtual reality and easy access to new technologies

In 2017 we have witnessed the inclusion of emerging technologies, virtual reality and augmented reality are present in mobile devices or consoles, in some cases very successful and in others not so much.

As many of our readers will remember, Pokémon GO was the Boom of 2016 in terms of games, but this is not so simple since the platform where it was implemented was available to many users. A smartphone is currently very common, and therefore the success was notorious, both for the peculiar way of playing Pokémon, and the high market share that mobiles have today.

The increase in the use of technology is directly proportional to the degree of interactivity that it allows with the user, the more it allows us to personalize it or apply it to our daily life, the greater will be its consumption and purchase. This is why there has been a great increase in launches of mobile devices and technology in general that allows a certain degree of interactivity, which will cause that by 2018, more users will be motivated by these devices and new technologies.

On the other hand, there is virtual reality, where Sony plays a very important role with the PlayStation VR and HTC with Vive Vr. They are better-manufactured products, high technology and at a price that everyone cannot afford, but as the technology is constantly renewed, sure by 2018 its price will go down making it more accessible to the public and thus gain more ground in the market.

By 2018 the trend of virtual reality will increase, all thanks to e-commerce, which allows greater and easier access to new technologies and devices that allow us to visualize 360 ° content, such as VR lenses, which can be obtained at a very low cost through online stores, and cheaper or with greater variety if purchased in the well-known Chinese stores.

On top of the benefits, VR is good news for the online gambling industry. By providing a better and more enticing experience for every customer, VR gaming technology is a future of online casino games and can become attractive enough to pull in a much larger user base than they’ve had in the past.

The increase of these devices began thanks to the launch of the Google Cardboard, a cheap VR lens made of cardboard, in which we could insert our Smartphone and enjoy videos or applications.

This became a trend and increased the manufacturing of this type of devices by other companies, decreasing the sales price due to high competition, which has allowed many consumers to acquire them by 2017, and many well-known companies manufacture them to be used with their own phones, such as Samsung, Alcatel, Xiaomi or OnePlus.

Not only consumers are the ones who will benefit from the technological trends of 2018, there are many companies that will be affected and benefited by the implementation and creation of both devices and applications or software, which has been possible thanks to the success of the franchise.

Pokémon with its augmented reality game, and PlayStation with its virtual reality lenses. The more launches there are of mobile phones, gadgets, applications and games, the greater the competition, which increases the quality of these and lowers the costs of new products and even more, those already launched.