A Guide to Travel for Entertainment Lovers

Whether you love film, music, or gaming, there are many ways that you can enjoy an excellent entertainment-themed getaway for you and your family. From where you stay to the activities that you decide to participate in, it is easy to balance both your passion for entertainment with your interest in travel.

1. Go on a TV Location Tour

If you are looking for things to do once you get to your destination, you should consider going on a movie or TV location tour. Not only will this allow you to imagine that you are in your favorite movies, but this can also allow you to see a slice of film history before your eyes, which you may have been unable to spot without an expert guide. If you are struggling to get away from your television screen on vacation, consider going on a Harry Potter location tour that can reignite your passion for the franchise.

2. Visit Theme Parks

Whether you love video games or Disney movies, there is a theme park for lovers of all types of entertainment. From Moominland in Finland for all those who can’t get enough of the novels, to Universal Studios in Florida for those that want to re-immerse themselves within the sets of their favorite movies, there are no better destinations for entertainment loving families. What’s more, there are even many theme park rides that are based on video games, such as the Final Fantasy XR ride and the Angry Birds rides at Thorpe Park in the UK.

3. Go to a Location Known for Entertainment

If you are struggling to choose a destination that will tie in with your entertainment theme, the best locations for entertainment lovers include Hollywood, where you can travel down the Walk of Fame, spot celebrity homes, and see behind-the-scenes of the most famous film studios, and Las Vegas, where you can gamble and game to your heart’s content. These locations can immerse you in the entertainment world in a more active way.

4. Enjoy Entertainment on the Flight

To start your vacation off with a bang, you should ensure that your flight is just as exciting as the rest of your holiday. If you are traveling a long distance for your vacation, you should take advantage of the range of in-flight entertainment that is usually on offer to you, from the latest cinema releases to fun and nostalgic games that can help you to pass the time. If you are concerned about getting bored, you should also consider downloading audiobooks, podcasts, and television shows for the duration of the flight.

5. Meet Other Entertainment Lovers

Many other people are as interested in entertainment as you. To find people who are as passionate about film, TV, music, and gaming as you, you should consider going to conventions in the area that you are traveling to. This can allow you to hear celebrities speak, buy merchandise, dress up, and meet other fans.

6. Choose Themed Accommodation

Why not be surrounded by entertainment all day and night by choosing themed accommodation? From the Backstage Hotel in Amsterdam, which has a musical theme, to the Arcade Hotel, which is the perfect option for every gamer, there are endless options to fulfill the desires of entertainment buffs.

7. Visit the Best Venues Around the World

Why stay at your hotel when you go on vacation? Traveling is the perfect opportunity to visit some of the best venues around the world, including famous arenas and concert halls, theatres, and bespoke and independent cinema chains.