A Quick Glossary of Rummy Terms in Online Rummy Games

Indian rummy is the most popular card game in India and since the game broke the internet, netizens have taken a keen interest in this game. As the audience has widened now, it is important you keep yourself up to speed with the new rummy terms of the online version of the game so that you play your cards right and start reaping benefits in online rummy games right from the word go.

Online rummy games might confuse you with its new and fancy rummy terms especially if you are used to playing rummy the traditional way, i.e. home games with your friends and family. The internet version features some specific terms and rules to help streamline the gameplay for players of all degrees. Let’s get started.


A table is the online virtual version of the table where all players assemble around to play rummy. Typically, 6 to 8 players can sit on one table to play rummy depending on what kind of game you are playing.


To draw in online rummy games is to pick a card from the closed deck of cards.


Dealer is the player who deals/distributes all cards to each player in a game. In offline games, players decide among themselves or take turns to deal with the cards.


The Sort is a rummy term that’s available on in all online rummy games. It is the option that a player can use to arrange one’s cards systematically. When a player clicks on the ‘Sort’ button, all cards of the same suit are automatically placed next to one another to unclutter them.

Face cards

All cards of all suits with Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks are called face cards. Rest is called numbered cards.


Joker is a wild card or a bonus card that can be used to replace any missing card in a combination when you play rummy online. Jokers are of two kinds- printed joker and a randomly assigned joker from of all 52 cards in a deck.


Suits are cards that feature the same colour and symbol. Hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs are four different suits in online rummy games.


A set is a combination of three or more cards of the same rank but a different suit. e.g: 7h,7c,7d

Impure Sequence

A sequence is an arrangement of three or more cards of a different suit in a serial fashion. E:g: 7h,8d,9c

Pure Sequence

A pure sequence is a sequence that’s formed with cards of the same suit. E.g: Kh, Qh, Jh

When you play rummy online, you need to make a pure sequence to make a valid declaration.


It means to throw away any unwanted card from the allotted cards in the open pile. This discarded card can be picked by the player who is next in turn.


Drop is the ‘button’ that you press only when you decide to quit the game at any point due to a gutter hand or when you know someone else is going to beat you. Dropping at different stages of the game costs you penalty points accordingly.


To meld is to arrange all your cards into valid combinations of sets and sequences before you declare your game.


To declare is to click the “declare” button once you finish your game after melding all your 13 cards invalid sets and sequences.


When you play online rummy cash games, you are required to pay an entry fee that is called the buy-in.

Prize Pool

Prize pool is the rummy term used for collective prize money featured in a rummy tournament and up for grabs by the participants. All top performers in the tournament get a share of the prize pool. The higher you rank, the bigger share you get.

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