Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Faces OLED Burn-In Issues: Users Report

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, one of the latest additions to Apple’s esteemed line of smartphones, has recently come under scrutiny. Users have taken to various online platforms to report a concerning issue: OLED screen burn-in. This problem is not entirely new to the world of OLED displays, but its emergence in a flagship device like the iPhone 15 Pro Max has caught the attention of many.

Key Highlights:

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max users report OLED screen burn-in problems.
  • Complaints have surfaced on various platforms including Reddit and Apple’s community support forums.
  • The issue showcases remnants of Home Screen icons, keyboards, and other static images.
  • This adds to the growing list of challenges Apple has faced with its latest iPhone release.

What is OLED Burn-In?

OLED burn-in, or screen burn-in, occurs when static images remain on the screen for extended periods, leading to uneven wear on the display’s organic compounds. This results in persistent ghost images or discoloration on the screen, which can be particularly noticeable against certain backgrounds. OLED technology, while known for its vibrant colors and deep blacks, has historically been susceptible to this issue. However, advancements in technology and various safeguards had mostly eradicated this problem in recent years.

User Reports and Evidence:

Many users have shared their experiences on platforms like Reddit and Apple’s own community support forums. iMore, a tech news website, was among the first to report on this issue. They highlighted instances where users noticed remnants of Home Screen icons, keyboards, and even YouTube thumbnails partially retained on their screens.

Apple’s Response and Next Steps:

As of now, Apple has not released an official statement addressing the OLED burn-in concerns. However, given the company’s track record, it is expected that they will investigate the issue thoroughly and provide solutions or workarounds for affected users.

Implications for Apple:

The OLED burn-in issue adds to a growing list of challenges that Apple has faced with its iPhone 15 series. Earlier reports highlighted overheating concerns with the iPhone 15 Pro, which Apple addressed with subsequent software updates. The emergence of another significant issue raises questions about the quality control and testing processes for Apple’s flagship devices.


The iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple’s latest flagship smartphone, is facing user reports of OLED screen burn-in. This issue, while not new to OLED technology, is concerning given the device’s premium status and price point. Users have shared evidence of persistent ghost images on their screens, and the tech community awaits Apple’s response. This development adds to the challenges Apple has encountered with its iPhone 15 series, emphasizing the importance of rigorous quality control for such high-end devices.