Apple Pay gets blessings from Obama during Tim Cook’s visit at White House Summit

Apple’s Tim Cook spoke at the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Personal Privacy, and revealed his stern stance on security measures that tech companies should, or do not take in order to preserve the privacy and the security of the user. He did so while speaking about Apple Pay, which will be debuting this fall as a payment method for certain portals within the federal government. The move is one that has raised a lot of questions, but also raised a lot of excitement around the future of payments – as this is a major endorsement, and big deal for Apple – to have the federal governments blessing behind their payment method.


That being said, Cook also felt it was important to note that the changes within the security landscape around the tech community would be important things to take note of as we head into a new era where data breaches are more common, and security flaws are being found – and acted on every single day. In part of Cook’s speech, he said, “When it comes to the rights of customers and the rights of citizens, it’s important to realize we’re all talking about the same people. We owe them nothing less but the best protections that we can provide by harnessing the technology at our disposal and working together…We must get this right.”

Throughout the rest of his time speaking Cook really went a long way to ensuring that Apple would be taking security seriously, but that it was much larger than that. Cook even continued pointing out “everyone has a right to privacy and security.” It’s worth noting that companies like Apple and Google have been at the center of a lot of debate around the notion that the government does want access to a lot of data – as it relates to national security and law enforcement threats. At the end of the day, that has been a serious point of contention for these tech companies, and even the looming FCC decision is something that weighs heavily.

However, Cook’s stern stance on where security and safety rank is something that can’t be compared. He has taken a very serious tone and is using the stance of his company to push the message forward and for that – it’s a comforting change to see take place for some users.