Apple Pencil: Pixel level precision to artists

Apple during the Sept. 9 event along with the iPad Pro also introduced one of its accessories – the Apple Pencil. Pencil isn’t a wooden made product we often use, but a stylus that can do a lot more than any other in the market. The Pencil that is coming for $99 isn’t that perfect, but can help artists create even more graphic-rich creatives on the iPad.

Let’s dig a little deeper in how the pencil works, the tip has been designed in such a way that it can sense the pressure and draw lines with precision over each pixel. Certainly, this is one of the things no one has ever seen. You can slide the pencil to create lines, or put a little pressure to have even thicker shades, and by tilting it a little a whole new effect is created.


It is still unclear to which sector iPad Pro is going to target, but apparently with the release of iPad Pro-exclusive Pencil and keyboard, we have artists and business people at its spotlight. Artists can create designs and illustrations with Pencil on iPad Pro that cannot be done otherwise.

The requirement of precise ‘Pencil’ apparently makes most of the people feel as if the Cupertino giant is going away from the roots. Steve Jobs once during the iPhone launch said, “Who wants a stylus, you have to get ’em and put ’em away and you lose ’em, yuck! Nobody wants a stylus, so let’s not use a stylus” and now Apple has introduced its own stylus.

Yes, even now we do not need a stylus for the iPad-Pro, but when creating precise artifacts, blueprints or designs, fingers aren’t what we use on a multi-touch display. And who needs a stylus on the iPhone? Nobody.

There are some flaws with the Pencil as well. First is there no way you can store the Pencil with the Pro, and there are high chances you are going to lose it. The charging port is a male-lightning connector that connects to the iPad Pro for charging, now during the recharge process there are high chances of accidentally damaging the Pencil and iPad Pro as well.

Next is that the Pencil has been made out of the plastic material making it slippery and hard to grip. Apparently, this may get fixed in the future releases or maybe with some third party accessories.

This leads us to final verdict, Apple Pencil is worth a lot for the designers, however, there are other products available as well offering almost the same level of features without drilling a hole in the pocket.