Apple set to unveil leaked iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 on October 16

Apple is getting ready to release the newest editions of iPads, which are set to hopefully bring some excitement back to a brand of tablets that is becoming flat.

While Apple has dominated in terms of sales over the course of the last four years, the iPad has actually been slipping against its competition. Not for lack of quality, or features, but simply because more, and more tablets are entering the field of play.

iPad Air 2 leaked

The iPhone has been dominant for a lot of reasons, mainly though, because Apple has dominated the market so severely, that any ground made up by competition becomes menial, or unimportant. While the iPad was initially blessed with a significant margin, that gap has closed, and though sales are still strong enough it’s become a reminder to the company that they will need to continue innovating their iPad lineup, if they want to remain the dominant force, against growing competition.

Though this launch will probably not see any profoundly different technology be brought to the table, at least not any technology that hasn’t already been seen in iPhones previously, it does set the table for an interesting scenario.

Conceivably, this could be one of Apple’s last opportunities to really regain the foothold that they’ve been steadily losing since the launch of the first iPad. While some had speculated that this could be the upgrade that would see a major body-style change, or a significant shift in features for the iPad, it was made clear on Wednesday through a screenshot of an iOS 8 user guide that there would be no major changes to the structure, or function of the iPad, aside from adding the Touch ID sensor that many assumed would be standard on these devices moving forward.

That said, while this launch could go either way for Apple, it will be of the utmost importance for the company to execute a serious update in the coming year, and make that 13-inch iPad a reality, or face serious consequences in terms of an aging customer base. Its estimated right now that this could be one of the largest upgrade cycles for iPad users, and if many of them hold off on upgrading, Apple could be facing a serious defection of users, should they not impress moving forward.