Apple soothes iPhone 6 users with iOS 8.0.2, fixes HealthKit, cellular problem

Perhaps this time when you’re updating your Apple device, you won’t have to worry about not being able to make calls afterward.

This week, after a shaky release, and then pulling of a patch and update for iOS 8 – Apple made a second attempt at righting the ship.

Now available, iOS 8.0.2 corrects HealthKit bugs, Reachability fixes, and manages to avoid the cellular knockout that was felt in iOS 8.0.1.

The original goal of the initial update was to alleviate increased usage of data during texts, and iMessage conversations. But, all the update actually did was give a lot of users the headache, of having to downgrade their device – using iTunes, with a restore feature.


The failed patch had many of the same features on it as iOS 8.0.2 does, and really just tried to address some of the initial connectivity issues with various apps, including third-party apps, that were having difficulty being synchronized across platforms.

Granted, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that challenges have been faced because this is really a typical issue for mobile OS updates a whole. Errors, failures, and additional patches are almost always needed, no matter what your operating system.

This update fixes the HealthKit bug which prevented the fitness apps from communicating with Apple’s health hub. The update also improves Reachability, which is the feature that lets iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users move around the screen to make certain apps easier to hit with your thumb. The update also addresses third-party keyboard issues that were beginning to arise, as well as giving improvements to the new “Ask to Buy For Family Sharing” feature.

Updating is as easy as downloading the original software update, without having to delete half of your photo library – as this update is only 64 MB.

The positive thing to take away from this though is Apple’s diligence on the subject. They haven’t wasted any time with bugs, and have been on top of issues – literally as they happen. As a whole, the company has done a good job of staying out in front of software issues that have come about. Even while they have been taking a number of criticisms for claims that the phones bend.

This of course, referencing the claim that iPhone 6 Plus devices will bend if left in a pocket for an extended period of time.