Apple’s MLS Season Pass Now Lets You Catch Up on Missed Match Action with Key Plays

Apple's MLS Season Pass Now Lets You Catch Up on Missed Match Action with Key Plays
Apple introduces "Key Plays," a new catch-up feature for MLS Season Pass, allowing fans to quickly see the most important moments of live matches they join late.

Apple has unveiled a new feature for its MLS Season Pass subscription service aimed at improving the viewer experience for live soccer matches. Dubbed “Key Plays,” this addition allows fans who join a match in progress to quickly catch up on the most important moments of the game.

How Key Plays Works

The Key Plays feature is integrated into the Apple TV app, the exclusive home of MLS Season Pass. When a viewer starts watching a live game that has already begun, a “Key Plays” option appears. Selecting this presents a curated carousel of short video clips highlighting crucial events like goals, penalties, red cards, and significant saves. This way, even latecomers can get up to speed without having to watch the entire match from the beginning.

Availability and Future Expansion

Key Plays is currently available for Apple device users (Apple TV, iPad, Mac) who have installed the latest beta software. Apple plans to roll out the feature to all users in the coming months, including those on other platforms like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and various smart TVs.

A Welcome Addition for Soccer Fans

The introduction of Key Plays has been met with positive feedback from soccer fans who appreciate the ability to quickly catch up on missed action. While not a groundbreaking innovation, it’s a practical improvement that aligns with Apple’s ongoing efforts to enhance the MLS Season Pass offering.

Beyond Key Plays: What’s Next for MLS Season Pass?

The Key Plays feature comes as Apple continues to invest in and improve the MLS Season Pass experience. The tech giant has exclusive rights to all MLS matches, and is gradually adding features to its dedicated app to make it a comprehensive destination for soccer fans.

While Key Plays addresses the needs of fans joining matches late, there’s potential for Apple to explore further enhancements. Personalized highlight reels, interactive statistics overlays, and improved social viewing features could be on the horizon.

Apple’s addition of the Key Plays feature to MLS Season Pass is a clear sign of the company’s commitment to providing a top-tier soccer streaming experience. By listening to fan feedback and iterating on its product, Apple is setting a high bar for sports streaming platforms. It will be interesting to see what further innovations they introduce as the MLS season progresses.


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