Best Video Editors for Creating and Editing Videos in 2019

Most of today’s digital marketing workload is creating content in all its forms. At the same time, more and more of them prefer video content. If you are not familiar with video editing, you can save a lot of time reading this top 4 video editor list. Whether your work is related to video editing or you are just an ordinary user and want to edit the video, apply effects, music, spectacular transitions, and other features, I believe you can get help from these video editors.


FlexClip is a web platform that allows you to quickly edit videos, even if you do not have experience with video. Its use is straightforward and the only thing you need to do is select your videos or photos and drag them over to the program. They will automatically be added to the rows you selected. After that, it is also easy to add music, insert caption text, cut or sew a video. And finally, it is available to export them as a video archive. You can even upload it directly to YouTube, Facebook, or other websites. These are just a few of the basic things you can do with this program. Anyway, if your treatment needs are simple, FlexClip could be an excellent option.

Adobe Premiere

It is a well-known software developer, and Adobe created video editing software for a smartphone. The computer version is the best video maker. You cannot use additional features on your mobile device that like the computer version of Adobe Premier. However, all necessary video editing features will be available such as Slamming filter on video, frame or frame editing, drag-and-drop clip, transition, a small adjustment, effect, etc. Although Adobe is powerful rivals of other video programs, since it is representatives of professional software, working in it is not intuitive. Anyway, I think Adobe Premiere Clip Video Editor has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. You can start the free trial from its official website:


iMovie is an application from Apple Inc. that can be installed on both the iPhone, iPad and Mac. It has a large set of editing tools: crop, move, increase, and decrease the speed of the video. Moreover, these functions can be used both on video and on sound, you can make an increase in speed in separate pieces. Settings are all done manually, almost no automatic, with the exception of the “Trailer” mode. In addition, iPhone’s iMovie lets you sync with your Mac version through iCloud and can also send your creations to social networks directly from it.


The Magisto is also a free online tool that offers an extremely easy video editing mode for creating short clips. The user uploads videos and photos to the service and automatically edits them by selecting the most interesting scenes to create a short clip. The user can specify the theme of the clip to be created. There are ready-made themes (from Gangnam Style to Warm & Fuzzy) with the ability to add a title, special effects or soundtrack. Also, the user can easily and quickly share their creations, since Magisto is connected to social networks. Of course, you need to create an account at first.