Bird flu increase egg prices, some supermarkets are charging $3 for a dozen

Bird flu outbreak has resulted in an alarming increase in the price of eggs in the country. In some supermarkets, eggs have become three times costlier. This has left restaurants and consumers bedeviled as they are frantically searching for a quick solution to this problem.

Grocers have reported that they haven’t yet faced a shortage of eggs due to the recent bird flu outbreak.

Prior to bird flu outbreak in the Midwest, a carton containing a dozen extra-large eggs was available for 99 cents. Aaron Irlbeck, the VP of wholesale purchasing at the Fareway Store, informed that the price of one such carton right now is constantly moving around the $3 range. Fareway Stores has a total of 110 stores in five states of the country; they are South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois.

Irlbeck said that till now they have not faced any issue with supply as the demand for eggs has been pretty low due to their high prices.


Irlbeck’s statement stands true for some places in the US. This sudden and excessive increase in the price of eggs has forced consumers in most parts of the country to put eggs on their luxury list.

There has been a 3 to 23 cents increase in the regional wholesale prices and the cost to warehouses across the country. These figures have been presented in the egg market report released by the Department of Agriculture on Monday. The report suggests that the supply of eggs have been moderate, while their demand has become light.

According to data put up by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on the other hand, till April the average price of one dozen eggs in stores was $2.07. Here, it must be mentioned that the Bureau of Labor Statistics need to collect retail prices of eggs for compiling the country’s Consumer Price Index.

According to United Egg Producers’ chief executive Chad Gregory, farms across the United States support a total of 300 million hens; out of them 35 million have died following the flu outbreak.

Gregory has pointed out that this is the worst bird flu outbreak the country has ever experienced. Previously, the bird flu of 1983 was considered to be the most horrific one experienced by the nation.