Burn victim reunites with caring nurse almost 4 decades later, thanks Facebook

Amanda Scarpinati suffered a severe burn way back in 1977. Scarpinati, who was just a baby, then had her entire body covered in bandages and used to be cradled lovingly by a caring young nurse.

In an amazing event taking place this Tuesday, Scarpinati reunited with the affectionate nurse who took care of her 38 years back.

For those who are wondering how this reunion took place: it was possible primarily because of four 38-year-old photographs featuring the two. Scarpinati, who was just a three-month-old infant when the photographs were taken, suffered severe burns when she fell into a hot steam humidifier from her couch. She had to undergo reconstructive surgery at the Albany Medical Center.

The said pictures were uploaded by Scarpinati on her Facebook account last week with the hope that this act of her might help her to meet that loving nurse again. A photo, which was originally published as the cover photo of the Albany Medical annual report for the year 1977, was also the part of the series of pictures uploaded by the 38-year-old woman.

Scarpinati’s plan worked and soon the pictures went viral. The news didn’t took much time to reach Susan Berger, the nurse who looked after Scarpinati at the recovery room, and this Tuesday the two met. Scarpinati tearfully embraced Susan Berger.

When explaining the reason why she tried to search the nurse, Scarpinati said that the fact that she didn’t know the loving woman who took so much care of her gave her a feeling of incompleteness, and that pushed her to search for Berger.

Scarpinati informed that when she met Berger this Tuesday, they bonded instantly and added that she feels that this friendship will last a lifetime.

Berger is currently holding the position of vice president at the Cazenovia College, New York. She said that this is a great way of remembering the interactions she has had with different patients and things she has done all through her life.

Scarpinati, on the other hand, said that when she was facing so much trouble and getting regularly bullied due to her burns, the pictures with Berger helped her immensely. They allowed her to believe that there was someone who really cared for her.