Cadillac and American Airlines join forces to bring exclusive benefits

Cadillac and American Airlines have finalized a partnership to bring exclusive amenities and benefits to passengers who fly on an airliner.

The first benefit will be for those American Airline frequent fliers who are apart of the ConciergeKey service. For those individuals, if you’re battling a short layover, and might be pushing it down to the final moments, you’ll be greeted at your arrival gate by a member of the American Airlines team, who will drive you to your next gate in a Cadillac CTS, SRX or Escalade. Dallas/Fort Worth International, LaGuardia, and John F. Kennedy International will all be a part of this service.


Those benefits though at airports will only be available in Los Angeles International, for now. So, true Cadillac enthusiasts will have to wait to experience their services in the airport. On the other hand though, individuals who don’t fly as often, and are looking for a Cadillac experience head to your local Cadillac dealer.

The deal between Cadillac and American Arilines means that if you’re a AAdvantage program card carrying member, you can schedule a test drive and reap the miles of benefits, literally. In what is being buzzed about as one of the most interesting partnerships that have been formed in recent memory – AAdvantage members could earn 7,500 miles for simply executing a test drive at your local Cadillac dealer.

However, there are still a lot of questions surrounding this deal. While the test drive portion of the partnership will start later this month, and if all goes well the concierge service should begin before the end of the year in all of those previously mentioned major hubs in the United States – that still leaves a lot of opportunity.

And for airline companies who are constantly looking for an advantage of some kind of functioning partnership like this, it’s always a good sign to see, but if neither side can come up with more benefits – and more specifically – real benefits that make all customers feel the partnership. Then, this isn’t something that’s going to work well forever. This will definitely work in the short term, but as the two companies are able to do more brainstorming, and work together more – there really is no ceiling for them together.