Cancer stricken Nebraska girl gifts life to two boys in Pennsylvania

Olivia Swedberg, a 3-year old Nebraska girl, who recently passed away due to brain cancer, has given two boys from Pennsylvania the strength to live on through organ donations. Both the organ recipients are currently recovering at the Children’s Hospital after undergoing surgeries. Latest updates from the hospital suggest that their conditions are stable.

Olivia’s mother, Lauressa Swedberg first got to know about Lucas Goeller’s health issues when the child’s story was posted on Facebook by his mother Jess Goeller. Lauressa messaged Jess and expressed her desire of donating Olivia’s organs. Later, she admitted that it was not easy for her to make such a decision.

The organ transplant surgery began at night on July 1 and continued till the morning of July 2. The doctors said that the organs will fit the patients’ body although their blood groups didn’t match.

Dr. George Mazariegos of the Lawrenceville hospital informed that Lucas wouldn’t have lived more than a few weeks if his liver transplant didn’t push through. Dr. Mazariegos is the head of the pediatric transplantation department of the hospital. Now, the Goellers are optimistic that their little boy would survive.

Jess, when speaking about the incident, said that she is still finding it difficult to believe that the transplant has finally been done. For her, the situation is “too good to be true”.

The other boy to receive Olivia’s organs is Angelo Giomo. This boy from Hershey got diagnosed with a malabsorption disorder called short gut syndrome. He had a congenital defect that left him with his intestines placed outside his body since birth. Angelo, who is currently four year old, received Olivia’s spleen and intestine.

Parents of both boys confirmed that they are recuperating well after their surgeries. Lucas’ parents are just thrilled to see that his stomach has become much smaller. This is because the liver disorder Lucas was suffering from left him with an oversized abdomen. His dad Rick informed that right now the little one is getting weaned off from all blood pressure drugs, which is really a good sign.

Angelo’s dad Dean Kuhns is also happy with his child’s post-operative condition. He informed that doctors treating Angelo are saying that he is doing surprisingly well. The four-year-old has even shown the intent of getting out of the bed.

Parents of both boys have said that they are extremely grateful to Olivia and her family for the organ donations. They have also expressed their desire to meet Lauressa, the woman who made all these possible.