Climate Change damaged Marine life, 10 years destruction need millennia to recover

Researchers at UC Davis believe the serious damage is being done to Earth, and it’s marine life thanks to climate change. The human impact that is being had on Earth and climate change were at the center of a study which revealed just how long and profoundly those impacts could be felt moving forward.

Researchers warned that the damage that is being done today will take thousands of years to recover from, and that those who live today, or their grand children – will not see a recovery plan that can adequately fix the damage that has been done.

Sarah Moffitt of UC Davis’ Bodega Marine Laboratory and Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute pointed reiterated the team’s findings by pointing out that, the previous 100-year scale that was thought to be a good reference to how climate change was impacting the various ecosystems around the world – isn’t as effective as the 1,000-year scale that she believes more accurately does so.


She said, “These past events show us how sensitive ecosystems are to changes in Earth’s climate — it commits us to thousands of years of recovery,” going on to point out that, “It shows us what we’re doing now is a long-term shift — there’s not a recovery we have to look forward to in my lifetime or my grandchildren’s lifetime.”

Moffitt isn’t alone in that thinking, either, as many scientists around the world have collectively thought that this is a matter of global priority. The damage that is being done is, as she called it, “a gritty reality that we need to face as scientists and people.” Simply orchestrating half-effective plans to stop or slow climate change isn’t enough. At this point, if we want to avoid damage that isn’t significantly worse than what future generations are already going to be facing, then we need to work around better implementations to battle climate change.

It can’t be about slowing climate change, but as this study points out – it needs to be about stopping climate change in its tracks – and starting a process that is going to take thousands of years to actually move toward. That might actually be the biggest challenge anyone has faced to date in the climate change discussion.


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    Inertia will see Global Warming inevitably reach 1.5 degrees C. At the present rate of increase the planet will reach 2 degrees C in 10 years – possibly the maximum temperature allowing humans to flourish.
    Breakthrough technology is needed to replace fossil fuels much faster.

    This requires new science – hard for most scientists and engineers to believe. Much of it threatens powerful vested interests.

    Examples are Cold Fusion (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) and BlackLight Power’s cheap green generators.
    Engines have been invented (and prototyped) that need no fuel. These engines utilize atmospheric heat, an enormous reservoir of 24/7 solar energy. See:

    Survival on a livable planet suggests we need round-the-clock production of every viable renewable energy alternative.

    Shortly after Pearl Harbor was attacked, Willow Run had a 4 engine B-24 bomber roll off the line every hour.

    We managed to reach the moon in 10 years.
    Surely, with the survival of every man, woman and child at stake, we will make it happen!

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