Examine Canoo’s New NASA Transport Vehicles In More Detail

Canoo, a company best known for producing electric vehicles (EVs) recently, has won a large contract and will be in charge of building the cars that NASA will use to carry astronauts from the base to the rocket ships. Even though Canoo was not previously known by its current moniker and has only been around since 2017, they are not ones to think small.

The first phase of a much larger mission that entails sending people to Mars and returning them to the moon begins with these transport vehicles. Continue reading to learn more about Canoo’s role in building vehicles for NASA and what other businesses and cars are involved in this cooperative project.

Based on Canoo’s templates for its civilian vehicles, the company created these vehicles for NASA. However, to meet NASA’s requirements, they had to be carefully altered. The request was quite specific, stating that the Canoo Transport Vehicles needed to be emissions-free, have a 50-mile range to allow for travel to and from the rocket ship, have cargo space for five equipment bags, four cooling units, and a pad transfer bag, and have passenger space for four fully-equipped astronauts, three additional crew members, and a driver.

NASA Canoo Vehicle Rear View

It is strangely detailed, but Canoo has promised that the vehicles will be finished. These vehicles will be appropriate for transportation between the rocket ship and the base. Apart from that, these cars are almost identical to their ordinary Canoo counterparts, as reported by Hotcars.

By June 2023, these NASA-modified Canoo cars should be finished and delivered. It’s important to note that the standard equivalents will show up in late 2022, a few quarters before the NASA counterparts arrive. Additionally, the civilian version’s range is 250 miles, compared to 50 miles for the NASA version. Base, Premium, Adventure, and Delivery trim levels are available, with an MSRP of $34,750 as the base price.