Five best Podcasts that are ideal for your morning commute

While many people dread the mounting commute, others use this time as a luxury. Imagine having an extra hour in the morning to catch up on the rest of the world, learn a new skill, or gain some motivation.

All of these are viable options with daily podcasts. These shows keep in mind the routines of the common man.

Many still choose to listen to music on their daily commutes. While this is an entertaining option, a podcast can add value rather than keep you distracted. Based on your interests, many podcasts in the market can be your companion on the monotonous drive.

For example, if you are interested in the ways of the government, then the NPR politics podcast can be your comrade.Some podcasts focus on keeping you amused; others can help you in self-development.

A podcast on news, politics, education, inspiration, and spirituality are some of the top choices for a daily listen. Since podcasts are an audio-only medium, they seamlessly complement your drive or public-transport-commute.

While there are many options to pick from, here are a few that will add real value to your mornings. A significant advantage with the daily podcast is that you need not select a new track or playlist each day. The podcast itself provides you with new content each day.

1. 7 Good Minutes Daily Self-Improvement

7 good minutes

The morning is the best time to absorb new information. Be it learning a new language, or a new habit — the morning is when the mind is the freshest to grasp more knowledge.

“7 Good Minutes” is an excellent daily podcast for this very reason. Add quality to your daily commute with new life skills, inspiration, and improvement tips.

For those of you who have a short commute or a walk to work, this is a perfect listen. The host, Clyde Lee Dennis, brings a new trick to you each day. He also hosts awe-inspiring guests who have created a name in the world of productivity and self-improvement.

2. The Dan Bongino Show

dan bongino show

Dan Bongino and his show take the political discussions to a tolerable and realistic crescendo. As a man who has served the secret service and the NYPD, he has candid and calculated opinions on the political air around us. Being a New York Times best-selling author reinforces his value.

Many users call the Dan Bongino podcast the undiscovered news. He has an eye for the news that matters, but will not get the attention it needs. His over-enthusiast voice will not just keep you hooked all through the podcast, but also act as a surprising morning rejuvenation aid. The show is brimming with patriotism, truth, and raw honesty. This is one show every true-blooded-American will rejoice.

3. PBS NewsHour


If you are looking for a lighter, more formal approach to your daily mornings, then this is the show that has got your back. With over forty years of experience in news broadcasting, the podcast knows how to deliver. The show focuses on all the headlines that matter clearly and concisely.

For those seeking a morning news update, this is a perfect choice. The host Judy Woodruff has the ideal voice you want to wake up to. In this age of social-media-news reporting, you need a reliable source to get you the news. This is hands-down one of the most well-designed news broadcasts.

4. TED Talks Daily

If you want to really add educational value to your commute, then this podcast is going to delight. Based on the same concept of TED and TEDx talks, the show features the revolutionary ideas of a new speaker each day, The theme is very formal, and the ideal even if you have kids in the car.

TED talks have always been inspiring, and they have found a way to keep it well packaged so that the video-to-audio change over does not draw disappointment. It is a podcast for the curious nerds inside you. They touch on all topics of global relevance like time management, climate change, innovation, and scientific discovery.

5. Up First


An NPR podcast that is designed to be the start of your day. NPR has been part of the audio broadcasting landscape for many generations. They have mastered the art of audio, and “Up First” is one of the creations that will keep you hooked day-after-day. Each weekday at 6 AM, host Rachel Martin, Noel King, David Greene, and Stebe Inskeep drop this new-based information overload.

Many people start their day with this podcast to catch up with the news. Others save this for the work commute. The podcast is part of many people’s morning routines. The show not just brings life to the news stories in a refreshing way, but also states facts and sources so you can look them up later. They pride themselves on their unbiased and honest reporting of the news.

Bonus: 5 Things Podcast

Narrated in the husky voice of Taylor Wilson, this is the perfect bite-size podcast by ‘USA Today’. The podcast focuses on just five news stories that matter each day. The show is short and crisp, and you feel informed by the end of it. They also use real-life audio bites and inter-cut them to break the monotony of speech. This is a very well designed, perfectly edited, and highly addictive podcast.

All the podcasts we talked about are excellent choices to start your day with. They all add merit to your daily stars and keep you well-informed about the world we live in. Information consumption is one of the best ways to keep the mind fresh with ideas and the above things. There is always a need for entertainment, but an informed account makes you confident.

No matter what your interests are, there is a podcast for you from sports, politics, self-help, or even something as mundane as storytelling. There is a daily podcast in each and every genre. By adding a podcast to your morning ritual, you give yourself the chance to start your day with learning.