Human caused climate change brings extreme heat, report says

There have been few doubts in the minds of those who study weather, or study climate change that something significant has been happening over the years to our globe. Weather patterns have shifted; extreme events are happening more frequently, and the globe is warming.

A recent report published shows that human touch has more to do with weather patterns than previously thought. Especially when those events are heat related. The report evaluated 16 individual extreme weather events that occurred on four separate continents across the globe, and attempted to reason why they happened, or what factors could have contributed to causing them.


Some of the findings were entirely natural, or things that had little to do with human touch, or global warming. However, scientists warn that this doesn’t necessarily mean that humans don’t have an impact on those events simply due to their findings. In fact, they warn that it simply could be a matter of not having the proper methods, or data to find out how humans are impacting those events, or causing them.

The results were interesting.

On one hand, major rainfalls in the United States, and extreme cold temperatures in Europe – it was found that human impact wasn’t at the root cause citing that there were natural factors at play in all of those situations.

However, extreme heat in the Japan, Korea, China, Australia, and Europe all point to human influence causing a broad share of the events. The major issues attributed to it are burning of fossil fuels, significant levels of carbon dioxide being unleashed into the atmosphere, and of course the fact that we’re allowing this to continue happening.

This is the first significant piece of data, or report that has clearly assigned some blame on people for their part in global warming. While people have asserted in the past that we’re impacting the way the world functions on a natural level, there has never been any significantly hard data to suggest that this is something that we will continue to see if we do not stop.

While some of the extreme weather events were not related, or could not be related by this study that doesn’t mean there is no connection, and this should be the biggest takeaway. While many will jump to the conclusion that since we’re not causing all of them, then the situation is not nearly as bad as it could be – well, that logic is flawed to a certain degree according to the individuals who put this report together.

We don’t have all of the answers today, we only have some of them.