Instagram adds Lark, Reyes and Juno filters along with Emoji hashtags

Instagram added three new filters to its repertoire this week as the social networking platform continues to grow and adapt at a staggering rate. At one time there was a significant rivalry between Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, and Twitter – which both had roughly the same number of monthly active users. However, Instagram is growing and leaving the competition in the dust. Many believe that it’s popularity is largely due to how frequently the app is updating its platform, and how simple it is to get new users involved. Twitter has been plagued by a complex interface that is hard to get users active and involved in the process.

The three new filters are called Lark, Reyes and Juno. All three seem to have a very “spring” vibe to them, and users have already begun seeing them and testing them out on photos. They’re particularly good for photos that are taken outside, as there is a very mild and subtle difference between the three. However, while filters are always exciting, and there is never a shortage of them – Instagram also added the ability to hashtag emoji’s.


That might seem like a relatively small change, but one thing companies like Facebook, Twitter, and others have learned is that anything pertaining to emoji’s and their incorporation into any platform on a mobile device is eaten up by users like crazy. Now, the ability to actually include them in hashtags, or utilize them in hashtags – is sure to spin the entire emoji conversation into a new place.

It wouldn’t be shocking at this point to see other social networks pick up this type of ability, especially for Twitter, who so heavily plays into the hashtag and “hashtag trend.” At the end of the day though this is about growth, change, and building a better product. That’s what Instagram set out to do, and for Twitter this is just another instance of them being left in the dusty by the aforementioned social network. While the two have very differing audiences, this is just the latest example of why Instagram is breaking out so far in the lead – against Twitter head-to-head.

As always, these new filter are available for both iOS and Android