Instagram for Google Android to get multiple accounts update, iOS delayed

In some of the recent reports, Instagram has been said to test the Multi-Account support for the Android smartphones. The update as reported by the Android Police is now available for the download from the APK Mirror website. The roll out is in beta phase and will probably go to the Play Store within a period of two weeks or less.

Instagram has made it easy for the users to add another account and manage the two without any hassles. If you have the beta version from the APK Mirror, go to the Settings and on the bottom list, just below the Clear Search History, there will be an option to add another account.

The design psychology behind switching the accounts is similar to what we have seen in the Gmail and few other Google apps. Just tap and the app will offer you an option to switch between the accounts.

Without a doubt, this is something most users want to have for managing several personal and public accounts on the Instagram. The options for multiple accounts come handy when you have a social networking campaign going on, and the need of using another smartphone just diminishes away.

However, what’s important to know here is that the iOS users are probably not going to get this update anytime soon. There have been no reports from the beta testers about them receiving the Instagram Beta builds on the Test Flight.

Considering this, there are now two possibilities – first the company is only looking to have internal testing and then a┬ádirect roll out on the App Store, or the app is not yet ready to be sent out to the developers. Chances of only Android users getting this new feature are very slim.

Celebrities and all other Internet stars will now be able to post images directly on the public profiles while keeping the personal account only for the friends and family.