LAPD going green with Tesla Model S, BMW i electric vehicles

According the prints from the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Police District is going to lease 160 battery operated vehicles to patrol and take down the bad guys while making the environment pollution free. Nothing is better than that, and apparently, LAPD is the first police department in the entire world and U.S. to have a fleet of electric vehicles. Soon all other departments are also going to have the same – a 100 miles journey starts with the first step.

These cars come as a result of the Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Sustainable City pLAn that aims at having 50 percent of all the city cars to be electric by the year 2017 and in ten years, the Mayor wants to have 80 percent of vehicles running on the batteries. It’s no doubt that Tesla Motor has proved that the battery cars are just as good as any other gas-operated vehicle, and sometimes electric car can provide you with even better features, speed and optimization for the expenditure per mile.


Other than this, the Water and Power and General Services are also going to get the 128 plug-in hybrid cars to make the city better among all other in protecting the environment.

Apparently, the police officers are also going to love the cars as well, because the LAPD is going to have Tesla Model S and BMW i cars for the department. Tesla Model S and BMW i are no ordinary automobiles and have intense power under the hood.

The Mayor mentioned that the LAPD would use these two cars for research and development purposes. They will see whether the technology can help them control the crime and catch the bad guys or not, or what improvements they may need to make it even better.

Other than this, the department also has 23 electric scooters that are really making the difference during the night patrols. By not creating any engine sound, these cars and bikes are less likely to observed by the criminals willing to commit a crime.

Electric vehicles are good, they produce no pollution and are not reliable on the constantly depleting fossil fuels. Apparently, in about 40 years the gas is going to be depleted from the Earth’s surface with no way to bring it back.

On the other hand, cars that will be running on the LA streets are one of the most loved electric vehicles in the United States. Tesla Motors’ cars got 13 out 10 on the customer satisfaction scale.