Leaked Apple Support app could make fixing devices easier

An Apple Support app would mean that interacting with Apple when your laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet goes awry could be much easier. While it is only a leak, and is far from a verified product — the idea behind it would be a solid benchmark if the company could pull it together. The screenshots that have been shared across the Internet, in a firestorm of excitement around an Apple Support app, look increasingly legitimate — as they carry the Apple interface standards that most people have grown accustomed to.

Sonny Dickenson, of uSwitch was behind the leak and the success rate of his leaks would suggest that this could be closer to a forgone conclusion than previously thought. However, it doesn’t mean anything until the company announces the product. The app would be a nice change from the current setup, which is increasingly difficult to navigate — and exclusive to the online platform.

According to the screenshots, it would appear as though the Apple Support app would give users the ability to find answers to common problems, report issues, and even troubleshoot problems to the extent of setting up an appointment with your local Genius Bar, or sending the device in for work. That being said, it would appear as though the app will cost a little bit, since Apple is now looking for a revenue stream that isn’t called “iPhone.”

What’s more though is that the Apple Support app would also be a handy tool for getting used to devices, as well. Forget about manuals, or struggling through mediocre teaching tools on a device. This app will have all the answers, and will be one-stop-shopping for anyone looking to get more out of their devices, even if they’re working perfectly.


Perhaps the coolest tool would be the connectivity to chat, which would allow users to chat on the go, and forget about being tied down to their Mac or PC while working toward a solution. The biggest gain from this type of app though, should Apple really be working on this service, would be the gain in-store, which would put waiting times down significantly — with smaller problems being worked out at home, through the app, instead of being pushed into the fold for Genius Bar help to contend with right off the bat.

It remains unclear how soon this will actually come to fruition, but this is something that would likely launch by the end of spring if Apple is really working on a support app, to aid customers and those working inside their stores.