Microsoft Addresses Black Myth: Wukong’s Delay on Xbox Series X/S

Microsoft Addresses Black Myth
Explore why Black Myth: Wukong's Xbox Series X|S version faces delays, the impact on gamers, and what this means for its upcoming release on other platforms.

The much-anticipated action RPG Black Myth: Wukong, developed by Game Science, has hit a snag on its path to the Xbox Series X|S, leading to a delayed release on this platform while maintaining its scheduled release on PS5 and PC for August 20, 2024. The delay stems from the need for additional optimization to meet the quality standards set for these consoles, particularly given the technical demands on the less powerful Xbox Series S​.

Impact of the Delay

This delay highlights ongoing challenges in game development where differing console capabilities can affect release schedules. Similar issues have previously affected other games, underscoring the complications of multi-platform releases that need to cater to varying hardware strengths​​.

Pre-Order and Release Details

Despite the setback for Xbox players, pre-orders remain live for PS5 and PC. Notably, this game has ranked as one of the most wishlisted titles on Steam, indicating significant player anticipation. The developers have assured that efforts are ongoing to minimize the delay for Xbox users, with further announcements expected once the game meets the requisite quality benchmarks​.

Impact on Gamers and the Industry

This delay highlights a recurring challenge within the gaming industry, where developers must navigate the technical disparities between console variants to ensure a uniform gaming experience. The situation has sparked discussions within the community about the feasibility and impact of Microsoft’s two-console strategy, which aims to cater to different market segments but sometimes complicates the development process for multi-platform releases.

Additional Insights

Black Myth: Wukong is not just another release; it’s an RPG deeply rooted in Chinese mythology with a gameplay experience designed to be both immersive and challenging. The game’s delay on Xbox has stirred a bit of dismay among fans, but it also reflects the developers’ commitment to quality, even if it means pushing back the release date​.


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