MidJourney Adds Image Inpainting—Game Changer or Catch-Up Play?


MidJourney, a popular AI-powered image generator, has recently rolled out a new feature called “Image Inpainting,” also known as “Vary Region.” This feature allows users to paint over parts of an image, offering a new layer of customization. But is this a game-changing innovation or merely a catch-up play to existing technologies like Photoshop’s generative fill? Let’s dive in.

What is Image Inpainting?

Image inpainting, or “Vary Region” in MidJourney’s terminology, enables users to modify different parts of an image. This feature appears next to existing Remix functions like “Vary Strong” and “Vary Subtle.” To access it, users must enable Remix Mode in the settings. The tool is designed to help creators produce imaginative artworks by modifying AI-generated images.

The Competition

Photoshop recently released a similar feature called “Generative Fill,” which also allows users to add or modify objects in photos. Other tools like Stable Diffusion are also in the race, making the landscape of AI image editing ever-changing.

User Experience

The MidJourney inpainting feature is user-friendly and highly anticipated. It seamlessly integrates with the platform’s existing Remix Mode, offering a cohesive experience. However, some users may find it similar to features already available in other platforms like Photoshop.

Game Changer or Catch-Up Play?

While MidJourney’s inpainting feature brings new possibilities, it faces stiff competition. It’s not the first to offer such capabilities, but it does add a new dimension to AI image editing. The feature is more of a catch-up play, but it’s a significant one that could attract a new user base looking for an all-in-one platform for AI image generation and editing.


MidJourney’s addition of the inpainting feature is a welcome development, but it’s not groundbreaking. It aligns the platform more closely with competitors, offering similar functionalities. Whether it’s a game changer or not remains to be seen, but it’s undoubtedly a step in the right direction for MidJourney and its user community.

So, is MidJourney’s new feature a game-changer? Perhaps not. But is it a valuable addition that enhances the platform’s capabilities? Absolutely.

Note: Information for this article was sourced from The Decoder, LetsTryAI, Indian Express, Geeky Gadgets, and AutoGPT.