Mobile Phones in India To Have ‘Panic Button’ By 2017

The Indian Government is planning to introduce a new panic button in telephones to ensure the safety of women in the country.

The news about this new implementation first came on Zee News on April 12, 2016. The move has been welcomed warmly by people all over India, and women empowerment groups have lauded this attempt by the Central Government.

The government is considering to introduce this new feature by January 01, 2017. Earlier, Women and Child Development Ministry had talked with mobile phone manufacturers and had asked about the feasibility of such option.

Maneka Gandhi, Cabinet Minister for Women and Child Development, told that these new phones will have a panic button which will be connected via GPS. The Minister also added that talks are being gone on with the representatives of mobile phone companies, and the project will be most likely executed within a few months.

If reports are true, then the United Progressive Alliance’s Nirbhaya Fund will be involved in this project. The fund is exclusively dedicated to ventures which will enhance the safety and protection of women.

For existing telephones, talks are underway, and a plan to implement this process will be finalized soon. A close source said that technicians are trying to develop software for old phones which will provide the same function just like the panic button.

People who are using ordinary handsets can visit a service center and can get the application installed.

It was Nirbhaya gang rape case happened in 2012 which triggered the necessity of enhancing security measures for women in the country.

During that time, many women activists have asked Central Government for making necessary implementation, so that a panic button can be added to mobile phones. Now, their efforts have been proved worthy, and lets hope that this move will reduce crimes against women in India.