Nissan and Hyundai recall 640,000 and 24,400 more vehicles amid growing concerns

Nissan and Hyundai are two names that had remained relatively quiet throughout the last year as GMC garnered most of the attention when it came to recalls. That being said, Nissan has joined the recall party as the company has recalled an additional 640,000 vehicles on top of the already recalled 1.1 million which were recalled earlier globally. The latest recall is currently exclusive to the United States, as well as Canada, but that could change as time goes on, and the depth of the recall becomes clearer.


The recall for Nissan collectively includes Altima’s that were produced by March 1st, 2013 and December 31st, 2014 but also include Pathfinder’s from 2013 and 2014, as well as Infiniti JX35’s and QX60’s from 2013 and 2014 respectively. The recall in question involve the hood is not being latched down properly, and the latch is ultimately failing which results in the hood flying up uncontrollably. That being said, the company argues that the number of reports they’ve received about their vehicles having hoods that fail completely have been few, and that there haven’t been any accidents, injuries, or fatalities as result – that is good news for them.

The answer is simply replacing the lever, which isn’t an overly difficult task – and something that can be done in relatively short order. That being said, it’s a concern that many motorists would like to not have while driving down the highway. Hyundai has a more menacing problem though in their Genesis luxury sedans. The issue revolves around a leak that can ultimately get water inside the lighting systems in the rear of the vehicle and cause the instrument panel in the front of the vehicle to fail.

The vehicle in question is the Hyundai Genesis that was produced for 2015 and right now it looks like it’s a relatively small number of vehicles that are in question – comparatively to some of the other recalls in question. Equally important though is the problem that it could cause. Driving becomes next to impossible if all instruments fail, and if water leaking into the rear lighting system is plausible then it’s something that Hyundai isn’t going to mess around with in the meantime. They will resolve it quickly, and work to move on from the situation as quickly as possible – just like Nissan is doing with their hood latch issues.