No Parody! Elon Musk’s importunate demands another Falcon 9 Launch

Elon Musk throughout his career has overcome a number of hurdles and has proved many people wrong time and again. So, it was obvious a company founded by him will have similar qualities; that’s the case for SpaceX, Musk’s space transport services company.

Even after multiple failed attempts, SpaceX is again planning to launch the Falcon 9. The company will be launching the rocket again on June 19, 2015.

The company’s first attempt to launch the Falcon 9 was not successful due to a fiery explosion. The following attempt got scrapped due to bad weather conditions. The third attempt, although not successful, was the closest the company ever got to its goal; it ended last Tuesday when the rocket couldn’t survive a harsh landing.

Musk, in one of his tweets following the event, wrote that the Falcon 9 met an accident in spite of landing safely as it couldn’t handle the excess lateral velocity. Musk has also informed that the droneship hasn’t been destroyed completely and will require minor repairs to get back in shape.

The attempts by SpaceX have been the topic of discussion for many; so much so that even a parody video has been published on YouTube that describes how bad luck is causing troubles for people at SpaceX.

While most people are talking about the company’s failure in landing the rocket, many are forgetting that it has already launched an extremely important mission into the ISS (International Space Station) successfully.

Around 4,300 lb of supplies have been inbound to the international space station. The robotic arm of the ISS will be grabbing the Dragon capsule today at 7 am EDT. Following the successful docking, the crew will be unloading the supplies.

Today’s itinerary also includes delivery of quite a few experiments into the ISS. A large share of those experiments focuses on the much talked about one-year-stay mission by Scott Kelly. One of the most significant experiments would be investigation of bone cells of mice; experiments will also take place to find out the process of fluid movement within the body.

These studies will help NASA officials who keep on searching for ways of negating effects of microgravity of its astronauts.


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  • The first portion of this article is a wildly misleading description of actual events. Every single Falcon 9 mission has been successful. The secondary goal of recovering the first stage is closer to success than any other attempt by any other group in history. Shame on the author for trying to gain readership through fantastical/ inaccurate claims and/or portrayals.

  • The author of this article is an idiot. Falcon 9’s primary mission was successful. Way to use a lie of an article title to garner attention and waste reader’s time

  • I agree Glu2 and Mike Fleagle, Space X has been very successful to date. Elon Musk even said somewhere that he expected some failures with the landing system for the reusable rocket. It’s brand new technology and is pretty wild to watch a rocket landing itself. My hat is off to Musk’s vision and determination. If it wasn’t for Space X, we’d still be relying on the Russians at 70 million something a launch. I’m glad this is not a printed article, it wouldn’t be worth the paper it was printed on!

  • As mentioned, there’s some factual inaccuracies here. Particularly with regard to Falcon 9’s launches. Also, did the author actually watch the parody video? It wasn’t reflective of SpaceX’s charmed at all.