Pokémon GO Witnesses Evolution of the First 100% Zygarde: A Milestone Achievement


In the ever-evolving world of Pokémon GO, players are constantly on the lookout for new challenges and achievements. Recently, a remarkable milestone was reached by a dedicated trainer from Japan. This player managed to achieve what many thought was near-impossible: evolving a 100% Zygarde. This feat is not just about collecting a rare Pokémon but also about the dedication, strategy, and consistent effort required to gather enough Zygarde cells, especially considering the game’s intricate mechanics related to this particular Pokémon.

Key Highlights:

  • A Japanese trainer successfully evolves a complete 100% Zygarde.
  • Zygarde cells are obtained by following specific routes in Pokémon GO, known to be scarce in many regions.
  • A total of 250 cells are required to evolve a 100% Zygarde from its 10% base form.
  • Players can obtain a maximum of 3 cells per day, making the evolution process a minimum of 84 days, assuming optimal conditions.
  • Japan’s rich Pokémon GO culture and abundance of in-game routes played a pivotal role in this achievement.

Pokémon GO!

The Journey to 100% Zygarde

Understanding the Complexity Zygarde, in the Pokémon universe, is unique in its evolution process. Unlike other Pokémon that might require candies or specific conditions, Zygarde demands players to collect cells. These cells are obtained by following designated routes in the game. However, these routes are not abundantly available everywhere, making the cell collection process a challenging endeavor.

The Strategy and Dedication

The player, identified as ‘@sensray’ on social media, showcased the evolution moment, capturing the attention and admiration of the global Pokémon GO community. Given that each route offers a single chance per day to grant a Zygarde cell, and with the maximum obtainable cells capped at three per day, the math reveals the sheer dedication needed. To evolve a 100% Zygarde, one needs at least 84 days of consistent gameplay, assuming they can get 3 cells daily. This becomes even more challenging in regions with limited routes.

Japan’s Role in the Achievement

It’s noteworthy to mention that this significant achievement was first accomplished in Japan. The country is renowned for its vibrant Pokémon GO culture, numerous in-game routes, and a highly dedicated player base. Observing the video shared by the player, one can also notice a whopping 112 million stardust, further emphasizing the player’s commitment to the game.

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