Seven ways technology makes sports better

Some people will tell you that the golden age of sport is over. But the truth is, people have been saying that for years, and then another golden age starts. In many ways, now is the best time to be alive for a sports fan. With the advent of the technological age, the sport has improved in so many ways. Here’s how.

Instant replay

This one is a bit contentious. But instant replay makes sports so much fairer. Back in the day, split decisions were decided by an umpire or referee. Now, they can watch an incident back and make a call based on exactly what happened. Whether it’s the offside rule in soccer or tennis serve that’s right on the line, instant replay takes the guesswork out of sports.

Easier access to games

As a sports fan, you can watch pretty much any game, from anywhere in the world. You could watch an NFL game from Russia and the Champions League Final from Vietnam. With access to the internet, you can watch the games that matter to you. And, you can support your local team from the comfort of your own home. With easier access to games, sport has become more global.

Better information

Nowadays, every sports fan has access to an amazing amount of information about their sport. Whether it’s transfer news or player stats, you can become well-informed without being involved with the sport at all. Sure, this makes everyone an armchair expert, but it also improves the quality of conversations about sport.

Safer for athletes

With more knowledge about fitness, nutrition, and safety equipment, sport is becoming much safer for athletes. From better helmets in motorsports to higher-quality messages in soccer, there are fewer injuries and fatalities in sport across the board.

Better equipment

Sports equipment is being improved constantly. Compare an old pigskin soccer ball to a lightweight synthetic ball of today and you will see a huge difference. Why is this important? Because better equipment results in higher performance. From faster F1 cars to super lightweight tennis rackets, the world of sports equipment is getting better every year.

Global athletes

Nowadays, sports teams and franchises have access to a global talent pool. That means they aren’t restricted to the best athletes in the local area. They can get the best athletes in the world. Not only does this make the sport better for the viewer, but it also makes it more accessible for athletes in poorer communities. With programs like, soccer players can train in Europe and have a chance of hitting big time.

Improved viewing experience

One of the most important ways that technology is improving sports is the improvements in the viewing experience. You get to watch your favorite sports in super high-definition, allowing you to see exactly what is happening. Plus, the viewing experience is full of action replays, slow motion, and other amazing viewing aids. It might seem normal these days but it’s a completely different experience from watching sports 20 plus years ago.

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Manoj Nair

Manoj has an MBA in Information Systems and has worked in the tech industry for over a decade. He specializes in enterprise technology, focusing on innovations like blockchain, cloud computing, and data analytics that are changing the business landscape.