Sledgehammer Games gifted players the new Call of Duty “One Shot” Mode this New Year

Sledgehammer Games has come up with a new mode as an early New Year gift for players. It has introduced a new mode, named “One Shot,” for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The new mode will be available across all platforms and, at the event of the launch, will feature a special multiplayer opportunity.

The mode, One Shot, focuses completely on sniping, where every player supports the MORS railgun rifle, which is capable of bolt-action. The players are not equipped with any other weapon and do not even have any decreased health. Apart from this, they also have other customization options. Players will be free to make their selection from five possible classes. The classes that the new mode will support are: 4X, Zoomed, Hard Scope, Irons, and Ace. Each of these classes has unique Exo abilities and have their own perks and scorestreaks.

The new mode seeks to provide players a new experience in multiple ways. It will be an altogether different gaming experience as it is no longer built on the run and gun basis. Additionally, the One Shot Mode will also provide its players the opportunity of doubling experience points, which will be valid until December 29 at 9a.m. PST. This feature will be supported on both Sony’s PlayStation Now and Microsoft’s Xbox Live Networks. Sledgehammer Games worked in collaboration with pro-gamer NaDeShot for developing the mode. It has already amassed much appreciation from players. Critics too have welcomed it with great expectations.

Sledgehammer proposes the new mode several weeks later than the first major change to the game’s multiplayer action. Early in December, “daily challenges” were introduced, which provided players a chance to win supply drops. What made the challenges more interesting was the range of supply drops that they could earn. The supply drops were not limited to only randomized loots, but also a new KVA Recon gear set.

Sledgehammer said that it plans to start launching paid DLC for Advanced Warfare in 2015. They have proposed to release four DLC packs, each of which will feature a new set of multiplayer maps and chapters fit according to a co-op zombie’s campaign. The first add-on, Havoc, will be introduced as early as in January.

The typical American-style game is also being advertised in China, in a way so as to maximize its appeal to the Chinese players. The Chinese commercial of the game features Chris Evans or “Captain America.” The actor has starred in a 15 sec long live-action commercial that shows him saving the day by acting against a helicopter invading Chinese soldiers. Apart from that, a poster of the game marks the date January 11 as the release day for the complete version of the game in China.

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