Snap Inc. Launches Snapchat+, The Company’s New Premium Membership Plan

Several entertaining elements are included in Snapchat Plus, a paid subscription service. The Snapchat planets, which define your relationship with other users, have become its users’ newest preoccupation.

For a few months, Snapchat has been launching its premium service, termed “Plus.” This week marks the official release of the well-known social media app. For a monthly fee, the subscription tier includes premium services and provides enhanced customer service.

Snapchat+: Its Features

The premium service, which was just released, allows users to access “a wide selection of exclusive, innovative, and pre-release features.”

In the sequence of the Solar System, the planets in Snapchat Plus indicate your connection with another user.

By choosing the ‘Friends’ or ‘Best Friends’ badges with the golden border, you can activate the service.

If another Snapchat account has a premium subscription, you can discover the same badges there.

The badges will show up immediately beneath any selected Friendship profile. The “Best Friends” badge denotes that you and the other person are among each other’s closest friends, whereas the “Friends” badge indicates that you are on the other person’s list of good friends but not the other way around.

When it comes to the planets, you or your companion might be the sun, and the distance between you is determined by the other planet. The sun is their 4th closest friend, for example, if Mars is your buddy.

Snapchat+: How To Get The Subscription

The monthly cost of the premium Snapchat Plus subscription is $3.99.

It offers several unique features that let you customize your Snapchat experience.

A seven-day free trial is also available, after which you can decide whether to keep the membership or stop using it.

Go to your profile and click on the Snapchat plus banner card at the upper edge to start the free trial.

After that, you must select a membership to begin your 1-week free trial, as reported by HITC.


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