Sony and FES unveils e-paper smartwatch, shades and fashion accessories

Smartwatches, in their current state, can be best described as mini-phones that we wear on our wrist. However, we might see things going back to the basics with Sony’s upcoming smartwatch. Recent reports are suggesting that the Japanese tech biggie is currently working on a simplistic, e-paper smartwatch; it would be a device that will prioritize stylish exterior over strong functionality.

Sources close to the company are suggesting that the watch will boast a unique form factor, which will make its entire wristband play the role of a display. This means, theoretically the user will be able to alter the appearance of the watch at will. This description of the rumored smartwatch might have reminded you about another wearable device from the house of Sony, the recently released fitness band SmartBand Talk. The fitness band is thin and comes with an unfussy electronic ink display.

Experts are saying that by launching a sleek and fashionable standalone smartwatch, Sony might succeed in standing out in the already crowded wearable tech industry. This is because the majority of the wearables launched to date are not that attractive (at least a large share of users thinks so) and failing to attract enough buyers. A recent survey conducted by the Nomura Research Institute saw participants claiming that they are not opting for wearables primarily due to their ugly exteriors.

Besides Sony’s rumored e-paper smartwatch we might also see the above mentioned problem solved by Apple Watch (to be released in spring, 2015), the premium looking smartwatch from the house of Apple. However, to use an Apple Watch one would need to spend a minimum of $350, and will also need to have an iPhone, which is even more expensive. Sony’s device will surely be cheaper.

Android Wear-based products such as Motor 360 of Motorola and G Watch R of LG are also trying to get a more stylish outer shell; however, they will need to wait until the Android Wear software is updated.

It’s not yet known what kind of features the purported Sony e-paper smartwatch will possess. It can be said that to lure buyers the device will need to possess a perfect combination of useful functions, affordability, and good looks.

The last wearable Sony released in the SmartWatch 3, which runs on Android Wear and comes equipped with the company’s fitness tracking software LifeLog. The SmartWatch 3 is the first watch to carry the combination of built-in GPS and Android Wear.