Spiders participate in Oral Sex 100 Times before Copulation

Scientists recently stumbled upon a shocking new discovery related to spiders which gives an insight of the behaviour of this arachnid.

Slovenian researchers discovered that the Madagascan Darwin’s Bark Spider engages in oral sex and to make things even more … it was discovered that female spiders forced male spiders to perform cunnilingus.

Very few species in the animal kingdom have been known to perform oral sex whereas cunnilingus is even rarer. Species including macaques, hyenas, lions, bats, dolphins and lemurs are known to be indulged in fellatio. All these species belong to the class of mammals.

Spiders are known for their strange sexual behaviour. Sexual cannibalism is a profound trait of the arachnid family and scientists still are not sure as to what causes this behaviour. Sexual cannibalism refers to the condition where female counterpart of a species consumes the male before, during or after copulation.

Females in spiders are always larger in size than the males, and the males have to suffer through a lot of redundant sexual conducts such as emasculation.

The Madagascan Darwin’s Bark Spider was discovered only in 2009. This species is also known to produce one of the largest webs among spiders measuring up to 30 sq. ft. The silk produced by this spider is also one of the toughest biological materials known.

Slovenian scientists observed that male spiders salivated on the genitalia of female spiders before and during the copulation to stimulate the female by creating a chemical ambience.

The study published in the ‘Scientific Report’ elaborates the sexual behaviour of this species which earns its name from Charles Darwin, on completion of 150 years of publication of ‘Origin of Species’.

Charles Darwin was an English naturalist and geologist who wrote the book ‘Origin of Species’ which is still considered as the foundation of evolutionary biology.