Take-Two Acquires Gearbox Entertainment for $460 Million

Take-Two Acquires Gearbox Entertainment for $460 Million
Discover how Take-Two Interactive's acquisition of Gearbox Entertainment for $460 million impacts the gaming industry and what it means for popular franchises like Borderlands.

In a significant move within the video game industry, Take-Two Interactive has acquired Gearbox Entertainment from Embracer Group for a whopping $460 million. This deal places Gearbox Entertainment, a key player known for popular franchises such as Borderlands, under the umbrella of one of the largest gaming companies in the Americas and Europe.

Key Highlights:

  • Take-Two Interactive has purchased Gearbox Entertainment from Embracer Group for $460 million.
  • The acquisition includes Gearbox’s renowned franchises like Borderlands, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Homeworld, Risk of Rain, Brothers in Arms, and Duke Nukem.
  • The deal encompasses Gearbox Frisco (Gearbox Software), Gearbox Montreal, Gearbox Quebec, and Gearbox Publishing.
  • Embracer Group retains Gearbox San Francisco, Lost Boys Interactive, Captured Dimensions, Cryptic Studios, publishing rights to various titles including Remnant and Hyper Light Breaker.

Gearbox Entertainment has a rich history of creating engaging and successful video game franchises. Starting with their early work on expansions for Valve’s Half-Life, the company quickly established a name for itself. Their major breakthrough came with the launch of the original property, Brothers in Arms, and was followed by the highly successful Borderlands series. Over the years, Gearbox expanded its portfolio, engaging in significant projects and acquiring other studios, which helped solidify its position in the gaming industry​.

The Strategic Acquisition

Take-Two Interactive, recognized as the second-largest publicly traded game company in the Americas and Europe, with an estimated market cap of US$23 billion as of September 2023, has been strategic in its acquisitions and expansions. The company, founded by Ryan Brant in 1993, quickly rose to prominence through successful titles and strategic acquisitions, including the creation of Rockstar Games and the acquisition of titles like Grand Theft Auto. This strategic approach to growth has positioned Take-Two as a powerhouse in the gaming industry​.

The acquisition of Gearbox Entertainment aligns with Take-Two’s history of expanding its portfolio through strategic acquisitions. Gearbox’s franchises, such as Borderlands, have a loyal fan base and a strong market presence. These titles will complement Take-Two’s existing catalog, offering a broader range of content for gamers and potentially driving further growth for the company.

Impact on the Gaming Industry

This acquisition represents a significant shift in the gaming industry landscape, as Take-Two strengthens its position with Gearbox’s valuable franchises. It reflects the ongoing trend of consolidation in the industry, where larger companies are absorbing successful studios to diversify their game offerings and solidify their market presence.

For fans of Gearbox’s games, this move could signal the beginning of a new chapter, with the potential for more resources to be poured into beloved franchises. The backing of a giant like Take-Two might mean bigger budgets, more ambitious projects, and a continuation or expansion of their favorite game series.

Take-Two’s acquisition of Gearbox Entertainment for $460 million marks a significant milestone in the video game industry. It not only enhances Take-Two’s portfolio with popular franchises but also signals a continuing trend of consolidation within the industry. As the dust settles, the gaming community eagerly awaits the future developments this partnership will bring to the beloved franchises under Gearbox’s banner.