Tesla Motors and Airbnb join hands to install free Charging Stations for hosts

Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) and Airbnb have come forward to make the rented houses even more friendly for the Tesla cars. As per the agreements, Tesla will be installing the Tesla chargers in the house of Airbnb hosts having a property in the California. There have been several guidelines laid out before Airbnb can select a house for the installation.

If you are having a house in the California, and have rented the property for more than five times and have a rating near five stars, then there are high chances that Tesla is going to install free charger that costs somewhere near $750.

As per the reports, Telsa Motors will only be asking for the installation charges that may vary from the $200 to $900 depending on the structure of the house, rest will be paid by the Tesla Motors.

This makes the Airbnb houses have some extra features, without making much of investment. It comes handy as most of the lenders who don’t own a Tesla, but have guests that keep coming in their shiny new Tesla.

Apart from this, Tesla has also introduced a new referral system allowing both the referring and referred party enjoy a gift card of $1000. This came as a result of a survey in which most of the people said that they would prefer Tesla as their next car as well as will also refer it to the other family members and friends.

The owners will be getting a $1000 credit that can be used to purchase the servicing and parts of the Tesla cars.

Apart from this, Tesla Motors is having a bad time in the Wallstreet maintaining their stocks. Almost every other company right now is going through this critical period, but it may be over soon, and there is no need to panic. It has come; it will go as well.

Tesla Motos stocks are having a total capital of 29.95 Bn with a downfall of -4.71% at a price of 230.77 per piece. The per piece price has also come down a bit with -11.41 today.

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  • Reportedly: An electrical contractor was fatally electrocuted 8/18/15 installing a Tesla supercharger at a Janaf Shopping Yard in Norfork, the day before the Tesla Supercharger’s grand opening in Norfork Virginia. A Tesla spokesman said the grand opening would be delayed because of the accident.