The End of an Era: Apple’s Original Watch, Including the Luxurious $17,000 Gold Model, Now Obsolete

In a move that marks the end of an era, Apple has declared its first-generation Apple Watch models, released in 2015, as obsolete. This decision, effective from September 30, implies that these watches, including the opulent $17,000 gold edition, will no longer be eligible for repairs or other services at Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Provider locations.

Key Highlights:

  • First-generation Apple Watch models added to Apple’s obsolete products list on September 30.
  • The list includes the luxurious Apple Watch Edition with an 18-karat gold casing, priced at $17,000 upon its release.
  • The gold Apple Watch was discontinued in 2016, replaced by a more affordable ceramic edition.
  • WatchOS 5, released in 2018, dropped compatibility with the gold Apple Watch.
  • All 38mm and 42mm aluminum and stainless steel versions of the original Apple Watch, including Herm├Ęs variants, are also now classified as obsolete.

Apple Watch Gold Model

A Look Back at the Gold Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Edition, with its 18-karat gold casing, was a bold statement from Apple, showcasing luxury in the tech world. With a price tag ranging up to $17,000 in the US, it was aimed at the high-end market. However, its life in the Apple lineup was short-lived. The gold watch was discontinued in 2016, making way for the ceramic Apple Watch Edition, which was priced more affordably, reaching up to $1,299.

Software Compatibility

On the software front, the solid-gold Apple Watch faced another setback in 2018 when WatchOS 5 was released. This update dropped compatibility with the gold model, further pushing it towards obsolescence. The decision was a clear indication of Apple’s direction, focusing on newer models and leaving the first-generation watches behind.

The Journey to Obsolescence

Apple’s policy is to classify a product as technologically obsolete once it has been more than seven years since the company stopped distributing it for sale. The original Apple Watch was discontinued in September 2016, following the release of the Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 1 models. This means the first-generation models have recently crossed the seven-year mark, leading to their classification as obsolete.

Public Reaction and Future Implications

The decision has sparked discussions among tech enthusiasts and Apple product collectors. While some view it as a natural progression in the tech world, others reminisce about the gold Apple Watch’s unique place in Apple’s product lineup. The watch, especially the gold edition, is now a collector’s item, and its value in the collector’s market might see an uptick following this announcement.

In Conclusion

Apple’s decision to classify its first-generation Apple Watch models as obsolete marks the end of a chapter in the company’s wearable journey. The gold Apple Watch, with its luxury appeal and hefty price tag, will always hold a special place in Apple’s history. As technology advances and newer models take the stage, it’s a reminder of how quickly tech products transition from being the latest sensation to becoming a part of history.

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