This is how Technology is making Sports fairer

Throughout the sporting industry, the use of technology has skyrocketed in the last 20 years. Whether it’s goal-line cameras to see the puck cross the line, or 3D modeling and AI for sports coaches to make the best choices for their teams, technology in sports is a controversial subject, but it’s clear that it’s here to stay.

Should technology be used in sports?

Many people ask if technology should be used in sport, but in truth, we’ve been using technology since sports began. From the early years of drawing team plays on a board, to the modern use of analytics and AI to predict how games will turn out and where improvements need to be made on both a team level and an athletic level.

It’s not just for the players either; behind the scenes, there is a considerable amount of work that goes into ensuring that professional sports stay safe as well as competitive. From equipment to medicine, a whole team of people is needed to ensure all athletes remain on top of their game.

The argument for technology in sports also has to do with making sports fairer and removing human error in things like umpire decisions, and video assistance refereeing in soccer. Tracking technology, for example, can help referees determine whether it was a goal or not, meaning the team gets the points when they should!

How can technologies help careers in college?

Technology is always evolving and being developed, especially in sporting events. It is becoming a necessity for all participants to learn about these technological advances from the moment that they start in the sport, especially younger athletes who are in college.

Students who are lucky to have sports scholarships like those provided by will have to learn about the technology that is prevalent within their specific field and know how to use it in case they take on a behind the scenes role such as management, nutrition, or refereeing.

However, they will need to prove they are both excellent athletes as well as exceptional students, keeping the GPA up and making sure they provide evidence of their skills on the pitch, green, court, or ice!

How do athletes use technology?

Athletes use technology in a variety of ways. From the early morning alarm call to the data crunching of their last game or race, there are always ways for athletes to monitor performance and progress.

Medical equipment can monitor important factors, including heart rates, oxygen levels, and blood glucose levels. These can help people to learn how to better take care of their bodies and know what their limits are, and perhaps even push those limits to improve their performance.

Virtual reality is an excellent tool for training in sports, particularly like golf, where a virtual environment can be created to give the golfer exposure to many different conditions that he or she will face throughout their career. Or it can be used to create a virtual opponent that a boxer can face improving their techniques.

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