Toyota to recall 1.7 million cars including Lexus

The Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp. is all set to recall around 1.7 million cars globally. These include 423,000 units of the company’s high-end Lexus cars in the US. Toyota is recalling its vehicles over various issues; reports suggest that it has decided to recall the Lexus models for fixing a fuel leak, which if not addressed might trigger a fire.

Complaints about gasoline smell started filtering up to the automaker more than four years back, June 2010 to be more precise. The company’s spokesperson John Hanson informed that Toyota, in spite of conducting thorough inspection of the vehicles, failed to find any issue with them and thus couldn’t locate the actual source of the odor.


Eventually, investigators appointed by Toyota noticed that only cars of the 2006 model or beyond that are having the problem. Each of those vehicles had an engine compartment carrying fuel pipes with built-in plating for preventing corrosion. Toyota found that gaskets fitted into some of those pipes might be susceptible to leakage, which eventually can result in the gas odor and creation of fire hazard.

Hanson, however, said that to date Toyota has not heard of any crashes, fires, fatalities and injuries caused by the condition.

The cars the Japanese automaker has decided to recall in the US are as follows: Lexus LS sedans manufactured between 2007 and 2010, Lexus GS manufactured between 2006 and 2011, Lexus IS manufactured between 2006 and 2011, Lexus IS C of 2010, and Lexus IS-F manufactured between 2008 and 2010. Additionally, Toyota will be recalling 320,000 more units of these vehicles in other markets.

Another big recall by Toyota will see the company bringing back as many as 800,000 cars sold in Asian countries including China and Japan. This recall will be carried out for fixing a brake issue. The vehicles the company will be recalling in Asia are Toyota Voxy, Noah, Crown and Crown Majesta.

Earlier in 2014, we saw Toyota agreeing to pay a penalty of $1.2 billion for settling a federal criminal investigation that was going on for over four years; the concerned bodies investigated the automaker to find out whether it reports safety complaints pertaining to the sudden acceleration properly. The amount Toyota had to pay is the biggest any automaker in the US has ever paid as fine of this kind.

Toyota has been charged formally with one count wire fraud. The charge, however, will be dismissed if the company successfully follows all settlement terms for the coming three years.

The year 2014 has really been bad for Toyota, particularly in the US. This year, the Japanese automobile manufacturer has recalled as many as 50 million cars in the US, which is 20% of all cars running on US roads.