Unlocking the Secrets of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: A Comprehensive Guide to Acquiring All Characters

In the vibrant world of “Bomb Rush Cyberfunk”, players are thrust into a cityscape filled with parkour, skating, and graffiti challenges. As they navigate this animated metropolis, one key to success is assembling a dynamic crew. However, the game doesn’t hand over its characters on a silver platter. Instead, players must embark on a series of challenges to unlock each member. Here’s a detailed guide on how to recruit every character in the game.

Main Storyline Characters:

  • Rave: Found in the Verdum Hills subway station, players must beat three of Rave’s challenges. After the initial challenge, follow her to the bazaar, beat her score, and then locate her at the hideout. Win her race, and she’ll be ready to join your crew.
  • Shine: Head to the Millennium Mall’s food court. Begin by copying Shine’s dance, then follow her to the second floor. After receiving a text, locate her in the theater hall. Finally, meet her at the warehouse near the initial meeting point, and she’ll be recruited.
  • Vinyl & Solace: These characters join your crew as you progress through the main storyline. No special tasks are required.
  • Mesh: Locate Mesh on a platform in Brink Terminal. After completing his challenge, find him near a tall tower. Beat him in a score battle, then drain a canal to retrieve his lost skateboard. Once done, Mesh will join your crew.
  • Rise: Rise can be found at Pyramid Island’s entrance. Take photos of her, climb the bridge above, and tag a spot as per her challenge. Once completed, she’ll be available for recruitment.

Post-Game Characters:

  • Coil: In Mataan, find Coil in an alley and mimic his dance. After a series of texts and locations, you’ll challenge him in a race near a golden statue. Win, and he’ll join your side.
  • Flesh Prince: Located in Mataan, interact with Flesh Prince and complete his dance challenge to recruit him.
  • Frank: Found atop Verdum Hills, beat Frank’s challenge to recruit him.
  • Rietveld: Near Frank’s hideout, engage in a boss fight with the police. After victory, Rietveld will be recruitable.
  • Futurism: Located near Mataan’s golden statue, complete Futurism’s challenge to recruit her.
  • Dot Exe: Found at the theater hall entrance, complete his flow challenge for recruitment.
  • DJ Cyber: Reach a skyscraper in Millennium Square, beat DJ Cyber’s score challenge, and he’ll join your crew.
  • Eclipse: Simply locate Eclipse in Brink Terminal and complete her challenge for recruitment.
  • Devil Theory: Return to Pyramid Island’s second level and complete Devil Theory’s challenge for recruitment.
  • Oldhead: Tag every graffiti spot in the city to recruit Oldhead.
  • Felix & Red: After completing the game, these characters can be found throughout the city and are ready for recruitment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Characters in “Bomb Rush Cyberfunk” are unlocked through challenges.
  • Some characters are part of the main storyline, while others are post-game additions.
  • Challenges range from dance-offs and races to tagging graffiti spots.

With this guide, players can confidently navigate the challenges of “Bomb Rush Cyberfunk” and assemble a crew that’s ready to conquer the city. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newbie, this guide provides the insights needed to unlock every character and enhance the gameplay experience.