Wahoo Computers Integrate GoPro, Lights, and Music Control in Latest Update

Wahoo Computers Integrate GoPro, Lights, and Music Control in Latest Update
Discover the latest major update for Wahoo computers, now featuring integration with GoPro cameras, smart lights, and music control for a seamless cycling experience.

Wahoo Fitness has recently announced a significant firmware update to their range of GPS cycling computers and multisport watches, introducing integration with GoPro cameras, smart lighting systems, and music control capabilities. This update marks a significant step towards creating a more interconnected and seamless user experience for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Here are the key highlights of this update:

  • Integration with GoPro cameras: Users can now control their GoPro devices directly from their Wahoo device, making it easier to capture those crucial moments without having to stop or fiddle with the camera manually.
  • Smart lighting system control: The update enables control over compatible smart lighting systems directly from the Wahoo device, enhancing safety and visibility during rides.
  • Music control capabilities: Music controls have been added, allowing users to easily change tracks, adjust volume, and more from their Wahoo device, adding convenience and control over their environment.

This update is a part of Wahoo’s broader strategy to enhance the functionality of their devices and improve the user experience by integrating with a wider ecosystem of products. It’s clear that Wahoo is focusing on not just tracking and performance metrics but also on how their devices can serve as a hub for controlling other aspects of the user’s ride or workout environment.

Deeper Dive into the Update

Integration with GoPro:

Wahoo’s integration with GoPro devices allows for seamless control over the action cameras directly from the cycling computers or multisport watches. This includes starting and stopping recordings, changing settings, and even reviewing media on the GoPro. This integration is facilitated by GoPro’s Open API, which offers extensive control over the cameras, suggesting a deep level of integration and functionality for Wahoo users​.

Smart Lighting Controls:

The update extends control to smart lighting systems, enabling cyclists to adjust light settings on the fly. This could include turning lights on or off, changing light modes, or adjusting brightness, directly from their Wahoo device. This feature is particularly useful for cyclists riding in varying light conditions, enhancing safety and visibility.

Music Control:

Music control has been a highly requested feature among Wahoo users, and this update delivers it by allowing users to control music playback directly from their Wahoo device. This includes basic functions like play/pause, skip tracks, and volume control. This feature aims to provide a more enjoyable and controlled workout or ride experience, where the user doesn’t have to stop or reach for their phone to change the music​.

The latest firmware update from Wahoo signifies a significant leap towards creating a more interconnected experience for cyclists and athletes. By integrating control over GoPro cameras, smart lighting, and music, Wahoo devices are becoming more than just fitness trackers; they are evolving into central control units for all aspects of the ride. This update is a clear indication of Wahoo’s commitment to improving the functionality and versatility of their products, making them an even more indispensable tool for outdoor and fitness enthusiasts.

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