What Can People Do When Their Employer Injures Them?

The USA is an interesting country when it comes to employee rights. Citizens have a rich history of using the freedom that the constitution guarantees to fight for rights that are not always guaranteed at work. Over 200 years, American citizens have been making progress towards fairer labor, and that hard work means that if you get injured due to your employer’s fault, you are more protected than ever before. Read on to learn about your legal options if the worse comes to the worst.

Worker’s Comp

All states have a legal requirement for companies to make sure they are insured for worker’s compensation. This compensation allowance gives some protection to employees who have either an injury or an illness as a result of an experience at work. Worker’s comp was a big milestone when it first came into legislation and it has improved the quality of many people’s lives, but it is not always enough.

A common issue with Worker’s Comp is that you need to be a contracted employee. A new trend among big corporations like Amazon is to outsource employment to smaller companies who then hire people, not as employees but as independent contractors or small business entities. The classic example is logistics: a truck driver working for a big logistics agency is likely to have their own small business (with just them as the employee), meaning that if they do get injured while working, they aren’t covered by the logistics agency’s insurance. This leads to greater profits and share prices but isn’t always fair to drivers.

The Time to Go Further

If Worker’s Comp has not covered you or if the compensation is not satisfactory (there is a cap that doesn’t cover many medical expenses), it is highly recommended to go further to protect your own interests. It is highly recommended to speak to a specialist and learn about your rights. When you contact a legal representative, you often do not need to pay anything upfront. Many high-quality attorneys will listen to you, learn about your case and then advise you about your next steps. It might be that your case is not suitable for further steps, but if you were injured and it wasn’t your fault, you will likely be eligible for legal representation.

What Happens When a Lawyer Gets Involved?

If you obtain legal representation, your lawyer will make your life a lot easier. According to Horst Shewmaker, a high-quality personal injury trial attorney will:

  • File insurance claims for you so you don’t get treatment delays
  • Help you to get the right medical treatment with no up-front cost
  • Calculate the economic impact of the accident, including lost wages and costs incurred to maintain your quality of life
  • Contact experts to support your accident claim
  • Go to court and fight for you, or negotiate a settlement outside of the courtroom.

Some attorneys will even go above and beyond, helping you apply for loans if you need quick financial assistance before your case. It is really important that you contact an attorney you can trust with a proven track record – it will mean you will have the greatest chance of recovering without stress if your place of work causes an injury.