What’s New in visionOS 2: Updates and Features for Apple Vision Pro

What's New in visionOS 2
Explore the new features and enhancements of visionOS 2, the latest update for Apple Vision Pro. From spatial photos to improved navigation and privacy tools, learn how it enhances the spatial computing experience.

Apple’s latest update to its operating system for the Vision Pro, dubbed visionOS 2, introduces a variety of enhancements aimed at improving the spatial computing experience. This update brings forward new capabilities that leverage both current technologies and introduce innovative ways for users to interact with their digital environment.

Detailed Features of visionOS 2

  • Spatial Photos and Videos: One of the key updates is the ability for users to convert their existing 2D images into spatial photos. This feature utilizes advanced machine learning techniques to add depth and create a three-dimensional effect, making memories more vivid.
  • Enhanced Navigation and Accessibility: visionOS 2 also improves navigation through intuitive hand gestures, allowing users to access features such as the Home View and Control Center more seamlessly. Moreover, it introduces Live Captions for real-time audio content, which is a significant step forward in accessibility.
  • Ultra-Wide Mac Virtual Display and Travel Mode: For those who multitask, the update offers an ultra-wide virtual Mac display, effectively doubling the visual workspace. Additionally, a specialized travel mode enhances the functionality of Vision Pro in transit environments like trains, maintaining seamless hand tracking and system performance.
  • Developer Tools and API Improvements: Developers receive a boost with new APIs and tools designed to foster richer spatial app development. These improvements are set to expand the creative and functional possibilities of apps within the Apple ecosystem.
  • Privacy and Security Enhancements: New privacy tools in Safari and a redesigned Passwords app aim to enhance user security, providing more robust ways to manage sensitive information.

Release and Availability The developer preview of visionOS 2 is currently available to members of the Apple Developer Program, with a public release expected later this year. The update promises compatibility across a broad range of iOS and iPadOS apps, further bridging the gap between traditional and spatial computing applications.

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