Windows 10 Technical Preview comes to more Lumia devices

Windows 10 Technical Preview is making its way to more Lumia devices, according to the company blog. Since the original launch of Windows 10 Technical Preview on mobile devices on February 12th Microsoft has significantly expanded the operating system itself, as well as the number of devices that would support that operating system. The latest update of Windows 10 Technical Preview makes it so that a total of 36 devices are added to that list of compatibility.

Perhaps the most exciting part about this round of updating is that such a wide range of devices is actually included. While no one will be seeing HTC or Samsung appear on the list of devices that will support Windows 10 Technical Preview, Microsoft did a very good job of ensuring that a broad range of Lumia devices, both new and old, would be brought into the fold. The original problem was with partitions within the devices storage that ultimately prevented the update from appropriately installing and loading.


The 36 devices that are included in this master list that Microsoft produced doesn’t actually go into a huge amount of detail regarding what devices are left out. However, it’s great to see that the company is introducing Windows 10 Technical Preview to devices that aren’t just mid-ranged devices or high-end devices. Instead, the company has a wide range of devices included in the list. Those that are at the lower end, or boast only 512MB of RAM will still be running Windows 10 Technical Preview very well.

All of this is being done to make users forget about Windows 8, and even with as much promise as Windows 10 has with the Technical Previews that have been released, there are still a lot of questions – and bugs to be worked out. Microsoft warns up front that it isn’t a good idea to load Windows 10 Technical Preview on your primary device. Instead, run it on a personal laptop, or a mobile device that isn’t your “work” device.