Wooper and Paldean Wooper Shine on Pokémon GO’s November 2023 Community Day

On November 5th, 2023, Pokémon GO trainers worldwide will be treated to a special Community Day event featuring Wooper and its new variant, Paldean Wooper. This event not only brings these Pokémon to the forefront but also introduces several bonuses and exclusive features for players to enjoy.

Key Highlights:

  • Release of Paldean Wooper for the first time.
  • Increased spawn rates for Wooper and Paldean Wooper.
  • Exclusive Community Day moves: Aqua Tail for Quagsire and Megahorn for Clodsire.
  • Wooper-themed field and timed research tasks.
  • Special research story available for $1: “A Muddy Buddy”.
  • Bonuses: Half hatch distance for eggs, extended incense and lure durations, and more.

Wooper and Paldean Wooper Take Center Stage:

The event, scheduled from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm local time, will see Wooper and its Paldean variant appearing more frequently in the wild. Trainers will also have the golden opportunity to encounter shiny versions of both these Pokémon.

Exclusive Community Day Moves:

Trainers evolving Wooper during the event can obtain Quagsire with the exclusive move Aqua Tail. Similarly, evolving Paldean Wooper will reward trainers with Clodsire knowing the move Megahorn. These exclusive moves are available for evolution during the event and up to two hours afterward.

Research and Bonuses:

Wooper-themed field research and timed research will be available for trainers to complete. Additionally, a special research story titled “A Muddy Buddy” can be accessed for just $1, offering trainers unique challenges and rewards.

Bonuses for the day include half hatch distance for eggs incubated during the event. Furthermore, incense and lure modules activated during the event will last for an extended three hours. Trainers can also expect surprises when taking snapshots during the Community Day.

Wooper in Raids:

Post the three-hour Community Day event, Wooper and Paldean Wooper will grace four-star raids. Victory in these raids will lead to increased spawns of these Pokémon around the hosting gym for 30 minutes.

Field Research and Special Research Story:

November’s Community Day-themed field research will be up for grabs, rewarding trainers with encounters with Wooper, Paldean Wooper, stardust, ultra balls, and more. The special research story “A Muddy Buddy” is available for purchase, offering a deeper dive into the world of Wooper and its Paldean variant.


Pokémon GO’s November 2023 Community Day is all set to be a splash with Wooper and Paldean Wooper leading the charge. From exclusive moves to special research stories and bonuses, trainers have a lot to look forward to. Whether you’re chasing that shiny Wooper or eager to learn more about the Paldean variant, this Community Day promises fun and excitement for all.

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