Xbox One games can stream onto Windows 10, OFFICIALLY

Microsoft has added an impressive new feature to their gaming prowess with Xbox One. The system will now have the ability to stream games on PC’s running Windows 10. The move is one that comes shortly before the official launch of Windows 10, and when users will have the ability to upgrade for free, to the latest operating system offered by Microsoft. The company said in a blog post that they would be making this move in order to bring some of the content that is found on the Xbox Live space to Windows 10 PC’s and tablets. This is a move that will surely bring some much needed life to the dying console business, but something that is definitely a challenge to compete with in the big picture.

When it comes to changing the settings so that your games can be streamed on an applicable Windows 10 PC or console, it is no more difficult than simply entering the settings and following a couple quick and easy steps. Microsoft points out that in order to enable this users simply have to go onto their Xbox One console, find Settings > Preferences > Allow game streaming to other devices, and they will be converted.

Xbox One

On the side of the computer to get the two devices linked up – the user will simply have to download the Xbox app, and then ensure that within Windows 10 – they reach Connect, and then Add a Device. This is all that is required to connect the two devices, and something that really will help bolster the overall business that has definitely been struggling in recent years.

Microsoft also pointed out that throughout the month of July, as well as August they would be updating various aspects of the Xbox app, in coordination with the release of the latest desktop operating system for Windows. Obviously, we can expect to see some changes come our way – but in the short-term, this means really good things for Microsoft, and Xbox, which have both struggled to find their groove to this point.

Is this enough to save a capsizing market, which is called the gaming and console space? That remains to be seen. However, more connectivity and ability to share between devices is never a bad thing. Although many consider gaming in the console form to be in its golden years – this is something that will definitely stand to be improved on in the coming years – if the space is going to survive the upcoming threats that could derail it completely.