YouTube Revamps News Experience Emphasizing Authoritative Sources

In an era where misinformation is rampant, YouTube is taking significant steps to prioritize authoritative news content. The platform is introducing a new multi-format viewing experience, enabling users to delve deeper into reliable news information.

Key Highlights:

  • YouTube introduces a multi-format viewing experience to prioritize authoritative news.
  • Trusted media outlets’ content will feature a newspaper icon for easy identification.
  • A vertical dashboard will suggest related videos from authoritative sources.
  • The “News Story” bundle allows users to understand events’ context and get live updates.
  • YouTube’s Shorts Innovation Program will financially support news outlets to produce short-form videos.

YouTube’s New Approach to News:

YouTube’s latest initiative is a response to the increasing need for trustworthy news sources. Recognizing the challenges of misinformation, the platform is overhauling its user experience to emphasize content from authoritative outlets. Videos from trusted media sources will now feature a newspaper icon. When users click on this icon, they’ll be presented with a vertical dashboard that suggests related videos on the same topic, all from reliable sources. This approach aims to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of events, offering live updates and full-length coverage without concerns about the information’s authenticity.

The “News Story” Experience:

Packaged as the “News Story” bundle, this updated video experience is designed to prevent users from falling into misinformation rabbit holes. Instead, they’ll have easy access to trustworthy content produced by reputable news organizations. Initially, this feature will be available on mobile in 40 countries, with plans for web and TV expansions in the near future.

Addressing the Misinformation Crisis:

YouTube’s decision comes at a crucial time. Platforms like X (formerly Twitter) have been criticized for becoming hubs of misinformation. In contrast, Meta has reduced news coverage on Facebook in several regions due to payment disputes. YouTube’s commitment to authoritative news is evident in its proactive approach, ensuring users have access to reliable information, especially in critical areas like geopolitics, elections, and health.

Shorts Innovation Program:

In addition to revamping the news-watching experience, YouTube is capitalizing on its rapid growth avenue. The platform has announced the Shorts Innovation Program, which will provide financial grants totaling $16 million to over 20 news outlets across 10 countries. In collaboration with these organizations, YouTube aims to promote the creation of more short-form videos, ensuring the audience has consistent access to dependable news content.


YouTube is making significant strides in emphasizing authoritative news content amidst the challenges of misinformation. By introducing a new multi-format viewing experience and the “News Story” bundle, the platform aims to provide users with a comprehensive and reliable news experience. With the addition of the Shorts Innovation Program, YouTube further underscores its commitment to trustworthy news dissemination.

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