Zendaya Expecting A Child With Tom Holland Is Trending On Twitter

On Twitter, the hashtag ZENDAYA PREGNANT is trending. Is the actress truly expecting a child?

Zendaya is not expecting a child. A Twitter thread reposted a TikTok user’s post of a phony picture of Zendaya posting a sonogram image of a baby, which sparked the suspicions that got you here.

The falsified caption on the picture read, “I love you. “Halfway there,” she said, tagging the actress’s bf Tom Holland with an emoji of a red heart.

The message rapidly revealed that they had played a social media hoax on the viewers, which did not go down smoothly.

It isn’t the first time the internet has been abuzz with rumors regarding Zendaya’s pregnancy.

In January 2022, a photoshopped picture of the 25-year-old actress got a lot of attention, depicting her displaying a baby tummy at a red-carpet gala.

The gossips were untrue, because neither Zendaya nor her bf, actor Tom Holland, reacted to the bogus information.

Not only has Zendaya been brought into this, but Tom has also been the target of a slew of memes as followers mock his response to his lady’s phony pregnancy.

The pair, on the other hand, is still going strong despite the numerous frauds that arise on the internet.

The couple isn’t shy about expressing their love and affection for each other after keeping their romance under wraps for so long.

On June 1, the actress wished her sweetheart a happy birthday by posting a sweet photo of the both of them together on Instagram with the caption: “Happiest of birthdays to the one who keeps me the happiest.”

In an interview with People magazine, Tom Holland, on the other hand, declared his wish to become a father.

According to cloutnews.com, The actor claimed that he enjoys taking care of children. He is looking forward to being a father.