10 best unknown features of your Android smartphone

Android has always been known for their incredible functionality. While many people have gotten caught up in the Apple vs. Google war between the two tech giants, one thing hasn’t really been contestable to this point. Google has by far produced a superior functioning product to this point. There have been features on both that seem to be shots fired at the competition, but at the end of the day, it is all about Android and how it performs. There is an incredible amount of customization, and the sheer volume of features that exist on Android is something that really can’t be compared. That being said, it’s important to see what features are the best. We have compiled some of the best features in Android to this point – that every user can take advantage of, as long as their device is up to speed.

Mobile Pay

Long before Apple was shocking the world with Apple Pay, Google had already created a dominant NFC payment method. Now, it’s getting an update this year and should be better than ever before. As Apple Pay continues to climb in the world of technology, Google’s Wallet has been performing very well, and allowing users to pay for their bagel, coffee, or fast food meal since before Apple got trendy and jumped in the mobile payments space.


Your Android smartphone can be your saving grace when it comes to connecting other devices that aren’t connected to a plan. If you have a tablet that isn’t a part of your data plan, then don’t worry because Android will have you covered. Virtually every Android smartphone on the market can become a mobile hotspot, and that is perfect for those who love to be on their tablets when they’re in the park, or out someplace where connectable or trustworthy Wi-Fi is available.

Charging Fast

Everyone wants to charge their device as quickly as possible. When it comes to charging your device quickly, there are two things to keep in mind. One, you’ll be able to use a quick charge cable if you have a newer smartphone. If you don’t though, putting your device into airplane mode while you charge it will allow the device to charge insanely quickly.


Get Driving

Alright, so you won’t be able to drive your car with your Android smartphone, but you will be able to at least start it if you have a newer device. That has become a focus of the Android team, and home automation, along with vehicle automation is atop the list of priorities for this company. So, take advantage, and if possible – get connected to your device. Especially if you live in the Northeast, and are sick of those terrible winters.

Change the Channel

Don’t like what’s on TV? No problem. Android smartphones have a built in application that will allow you to program any TV, DVR, cable box, DVD player, VCR, or whatever – you might need connected to it. Then, you can save those double-A batteries for something more important than a remote that only is used when you want some background noise.

Take a Bite out of Apple

Most of us have experienced the rage associated with using an Android smartphone, while you maintain a MacBook for traditional computing. The truth is that there are actually a lot of apps out there, as well as a lot of traditional functionality that will allow users to take control of their MacBook from their Android smartphone.

Get Healthy

You can get healthy by checking your pulse, blood pressure, and more with your Android device. For those with conditions like high blood pressure, that is especially handy. However, it’s also really handy for those who are just looking to take advantage of some interesting health features that will make you a better person with the ease of checking the numbers.

Straighten that Picture

There might not be anything out there that is more frustrating than trying to straighten a picture on the wall. It’s hard to tell what is perfectly straight – and not everyone has a level handy at all times. Thankfully, your Android smartphone has one of those.

Measure Distance

This unique feature allows Android to harness the technology inside of it and tell you how fast you’re moving, how far you’ve moved, and it can even help you golf game. Well, that last one will only happen within reason. Android will allow you to see just how fast something like a ball is moving, which is really unique.

Travel like a King

Use Google Now in Android to travel like a king. Forget about your boarding passes, printing them, or carrying you itinerary. Let Google now navigate all of that for you, as those things come to your email address that is linked to your Android smartphone.