Gravity defying shoes to simulate moonwalk developed by U.S startup company

A US start up company named Moonshine Crea has developed a gravity defying, ‘out-of-the-world’ shoes which will simulate the feeling of walking on the Moonworld’. The shoes are equipped with super powerful magnets at the base, and this makes the users feel light on their feet.
 N45 neodymium magnets are used in the shoes, and this type of magnet is touted to be the most powerful permanent magnets known.
According to Patrick Jreijiri, a mechanical engineer and designer in Moonshine Crea, there are different levels of magnets, like N40, 42 and 45, and their strength level depends upon their composition. He also added that these magnets are primarily a mix of neodymium, iron, and boron.
As per Patrick, N 45 is stronger than the rest, but still it stands in the cheap side. The entire area of the foot is covered by the magnets and the resulting repulsive power. During the time of walking, the user is pushing against the combined strength of the magnets.
The magnets used in the shows ranges from 2.5 Cm – 5 Cm in diameter. The 5 Cm magnets and 2.5 Cm magnets are capable enough to move objects of 12 kilograms and 24 kilograms respectively.
According to Patrick, the weight of the person will not have any impacts in getting the full feel of the moon walk. A person can enjoy moonwalk with the help of these shoes if he has a weight which is less than 183 kilograms. The magnets will collapse if somebody with more than 183 kilograms wears the shoe.
The company expects that the introduction of these shoes in the market will bring about a revolution in the concept of traditional show buying. People will feel lighter while walking, and it may be undoubtedly a phenomenal experience which will be well received.